Beauty Buzz: Great ideas for organizing your makeup + tools!

By Andi Douglas, nwaMotherlode beauty editor

My New Year’s resolutions are rapidly becoming my early spring resolutions, but I’m not giving up yet. Along with the usual lose weight, work out and eat better, I’ve determined that organizing my house is at the top of my list.

The common spaces, filled with toys and crafts and about 50 pairs of shoes, seem a little daunting to start, so my plan is to tackle my bathroom cabinet first. Unfortunately, since I haven’t slept for more than 2 hours at a time since October 2011 (thank you toddler beds and teething) my progress has stalled a little in the planning stages.

Thanks to Pinterest and Google searches, though, I am full of great ideas that I plan to implement as soon as my mom can come visit to give me a hand.

For the true makeup artist, this is a clever way to have easy access to all of your brushes. Jen from A Thousand Words used coffee beans but the filler possibilities are endless.

If counter space is an issue but you hate digging through drawers for all of your beauty, this genius magnet board seen on Laura Thoughts is a genius solution. And easy to do with an upcycled frame and old refrigerator magnets.

Okay, I know that I couldn’t achieve this impeccable DIY shelving unit whipped up by Christin at Pregnant with Power Tools on my own, but the overall look can be achieved with cheap crafting or kitchen storage. Don’t let vertical storage space go to waste!

What I like most about these practical storage solutions created by the Family Handyman is how much they remind me of something my dad would do. He can “McGuyver” anything out of zip ties, including a Topsy-tail and a cup holder for my first car.

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*This post originally published on Motherlode in January 2012.



  1. I love the PVC hot iron holders. That’s my biggest problem right now. Also, I love the makeup brush holder, but I’m not crazy about coffee beans, so I might try it with some decorative rocks or something else from Hobby Lobby.

  2. I actually think smelling the coffee beans might help me wake up in the morning 😉


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