Beauty Buzz Review: Find out what Andi thinks about LipSense

By Andi Douglas, nwaMotherlode beauty editor and mama of 3

When you’re a new mom it’s easy to freak out over little things that happen to Baby.

Who remembers searching the baby book for head injuries because your toddler got a bloody nose trying to walk? Or timing their hiccups so you can figure out if it’s a normal amount of hiccups or if you should call the pediatrician? Guys, I had my first baby before everyone had a computer in their hands at all times so I had to use a book.

I know the flood of information on the internet can be overwhelming but when you need to Google “baby making weird noises in sleep” at 2 a.m., it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever.

One of the dumbest things I did was freaking out when my baby suddenly developed a hive like rash on her face. My mom had just arrived in town and I suddenly noticed red splotches on her cheeks and forehead. What is this?!? An allergy? Smallpox? Get the book!

Upon closer inspection, it was lipstick from Gigi giving her kisses when she first arrived. And I have repeated this scenario multiple times because babies kill brain cells.

My babies are no longer babies but I could have saved a lot of heart palpitations if I had known about LipSense smudge-proof lip stain.

I was curious about and finally tired the brand when I started asking random women about their lipstick that looked amazing and all of them said it was LipSense. {Then a Motherlode reader and LipSense rep, Angie Coleman, offered to let me try a starter collection for my honest opinion. Yes, please!}

If you are unfamiliar with the product, LipSense is an alcohol based lip stain that literally lasts all day. And, no, I’m not misusing the term literally. LipSense absorbs into your lips and doesn’t come off until you choose to remove it. Miracle!

The basic starter kit was recommended to me. It contains 1 LipSense stain, 1 tube of LipSense gloss and 1 “Oops Remover”.

The lip stain is available in a veritable cornucopia of colors in frost, mattes and shimmers. The experienced consultants can suggest combinations and hues to fit your style. I recommend bringing along your favorite lipstick to compare colors to. Color tests are best done on your hand and can be hard to envision on your lips.

The gloss that came with my starter kit was a high shine gloss, which was not a comfortable look for me, so I did better applying it before I left the house so that it had some time to absorb. There is a matte version of the moisturizing gloss, but I was concerned that the initial drying out process would be a hard transition from my normal chapstick routine. I am definitely going to try the matte when I need a refill to see if it’s a better style fit for me. Once again, so many different options and combos to play with!

The Oops Remover is aptly named and looks like a tube of gloss. Every once in a while you might slip outside your lip line or bump your chin with the wand, that is what the Oops Remover is for. It can also be used to remove the LipSense at the end of the day but you can also use Neutrogena bar soap or wipes, micellar water or witch hazel.

There is also the option of lip liner to go with your Lipsense but is not necessary since the color soaks into your lips and doesn’t bleed at all.

There are a couple of pitfalls that I encountered (or was worried about) that I want to share:

First, some people report a lot of peeling or flaking when they first switch to Lipsense. I was surprised that mine wasn’t worse than it was and only lasted a couple of applications. The reaction is caused by the alcohol-based stain actually curing your dried lips as opposed to masking it like a wax-based chapstick or lipstick does. I am a straight-up chapstick addict so it took some getting used to and I used a lot of gloss in the beginning. The Glossy Gloss goes on thick but then absorbs into the lips for a moisturizing effect.

I don’t wear lipstick everyday, therefore I don’t wear my Lipsense everyday, so I was naughty and went back to my chapstick in between. On days when I knew I wanted to use the long lasting color, I cleaned my lips well with micellar water and/or used a lip exfoliator, depending on time, to remove the waxy buildup.

→ Second, some people report a tingling or burning sensation when applying the color. Yes, that did happen but it was short lived and was less intense the more I used it. Don’t let that scare you away because it’s only once a day and stops as soon as you are ready for the gloss.

→ Lastly, and this was user error on my part, when you apply the color you do 2-3 layers on your full lip, including the water line before applying your gloss of choice. You MUST let each layer dry completely before reapplying or you will just be taking the color right back off. It doesn’t take long, about 10 seconds, but I was rushing this step and kept ending up with uneven color.

TLDR version: Don’t give your baby imaginary hives, wear LipSense!

Happy Finally It’s Fall, Mamas!

Special disclosure note: Andi was not compensated by LipSense for her review, but she did receive a complimentary LipSense Starter Collection from local rep and mama Angie Coleman, a long-time reader of nwaMotherlode and Beauty Buzz. You can reach Angie at 479-595-1313 or at her online store. Click here to join her Facebook group.

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