Beauty Buzz: Eye shadow for a brown-eyed girl?


Dear Andi,

My eyes are brown so I sometimes like to go for a little “color” on my eyelids. What are the best eye shadow choices for my eye color?

As a brown-eyed girl myself, I always found it challenging to find a neutral color that didn’t make my eyes look dull. After a lot of experimenting, including one awful period with a reddish eye shadow that made me look like I had been socked in the eye, I finally landed on a bronze color. The base brown tone makes it wearable for everyday, while the gold flecks make your eyes sparkle. I’ve worn MAC Sable ($14, Dillards) myself, but MAC has a great selection of different metallic shades to try.

If you’re looking for more color, the rule of opposites applies: for brown eyes wear blue. I like navy blue eyeliner (Estee Lauder Smoked Eye Pencil in Smoked Sapphire, specifically), because it looks more modern than donning retro blue shadow. As always, use a light neutral base coat first to keep the liner from migrating up your eyelid.

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