Beauty Buzz: Summer makeup trends

Dear Andi,

What are the current “trends” in makeup? Any new ideas worth trying?

Dear Trend Seeker,

Summer’s big trend is shockingly bright color on everything! Have fun with your makeup without looking like you’re attending an 80s costume party by avoiding the neon lipstick and blush and staying neutral on your lips and cheeks.

Instead try a new nail polish like Rimmel 60 Seconds in Climax, a shimmery purple ($2.85. Target) or one of the new OPI for Sephora shades ($9 each) and add a vibrant hue to your eye shadow palette. I also like Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3 Kit shadows (Wal-Mart, $4.44).

Firecracker (pictured right) made my brown eyes more vibrant. For blue eyes, try the Blazing Blues kit. If you have green eyes, well, I’m jealous, but I will put that aside and advise the Dazzling Metallics trio.

To apply like a pro, use the lightest hue up to the brow bone, and the brightest close to the lash line, using the middle hue to blend into the crease of your eye. Top off the look with dark brown or black eye liner smudged into your top and bottom eyelashes and two coats of your favorite mascara and you are ready for a night out. If you are nervous about new colors but sick of earth tones, try a purple shadow…it looks great with every eye color and is hard to over-do. Have fun with it and send me pics. I’d love to see your new look!

Andi Douglas is a local mom of two and the ruling make-up queen at nwaMotherlode. E-mail your questions to her at and the answer may be featured in her weekly column.