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Five Minutes with a Mom

5 Minutes with a Mom: Beth Day

Name: Beth Day Children’s names and ages? Jonathan (6), Aaron (3), Eliza (2 weeks, pictured above) We’d love to hear about your very recent birth story! My daughter Eliza was born 2 weeks ago on October […]

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Healthy Mama

Text Questions Answered Here!

Before and after running/exercising, what should u eat? I am not an exercise physiologist, but personally I like to consume protein before and/or after I run depending on how long my run is, to help […]

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Main Dishes

Mealtime Mama: The Preggie Veggie

By Brannan Sirratt After working through about 1/3rd of “The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook“,  I have begun to spread my own culinary wings a bit. See, this is the first time that I’ve really followed recipes, […]