5 Minutes with a Northwest Arkansas Mom: Jen Hight

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Jen Hight and her husband moved to Northwest Arkansas seven years ago and then started their family. After their son was born, she started Fellowship NWA Mamas and Munchkins, a group that helps moms connect.

Read on to see who she admires most, her fave places to play in NWA and more:

Name: Jen Hight

Kids’ names and ages: Brennen, almost 6 years, Aviana 3-1/2

Tell us about the playgroup you’ve been organizing for moms all summer:

I moved to NWA 7 years ago and I didn’t know anyone! I left a large group or friends and it was really tough. I believe friendship and community is so important so I started this free playgroup to reach out to others home with kids. June-August we meet every Friday at different parks or other activities all around NWA for kids to play and moms to build friendships that can be continued all year long. Activities are scheduled through Facebook page “Fellowship NWA Mamas and Munchkins.” For more information contact me at nwamoms@gmail.com

What were some of the moms’ favorite places to meet up and play?

Jen Hight's kids, nwaMotherlode.comWe try for a lot of variety. We met mostly at Rogers and Bentonville parks and splash pads when it was really hot but we met at my kids and my favorites places from Bella Vista to Springdale.

Where are your favorite places to hang out with your own family in the area?

We love being outside at a variety of different parks, Crystal Bridges trails, Bentonville square, Tanyard Creek, Biking around our neighborhood, neighborhood pool,  Golf Mountain Mini Golf – our son loves it!

What’s something your kids are always up for eating?


What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Dark Chocolate

What’s something your friends compliment you the most about?

Jen Hight and her huband, nwaMotherlode.comThat I am welcoming to others — and a good friend and mom.

Who would you love to see sitting at your dinner table this weekend?

Both sets of my kids’ grandparents. We love NWA but both of our families live far away so we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like.

What’s the last movie you watched?

The Wild Life (cartoon movie)

What’s your all-time favorite movie?

Dirty Dancing

What’s something new you’d like to try? Why?

Skydiving for the adventure.

Who’s someone you admire?

My husband’s grandma, Trude. Even in her 90s she continues to seek God and participate in Bible Studies.

What do you most want people to remember about you?

That I loved Jesus and loved others well.

One word to sum me up:


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