index1.jpgWhew! We’ve had so many giveaways the past few weeks, the Motherlode mamas have felt a little like Santa Claus! We hope you’ve enjoyed the gifts, Northwest Arkansas moms, the pizza, movie passes, date nights, spa treats, jewelry — even a stocked refrigerator! It’s been a joy to bring so many smiles to so many mamas.

webad2-012.jpgLast week we had three giveaways. The latest winner is Jennifer Markowitz, mom to Jack, a 3-year-old who has the knack of knowing the make and model of LOTS of vehicles. Jenn won a custom video of her family, professionally shot and edited by James Smith at NWA Family Video. Jenn and her husband, Aaron, moved to NWA about two years ago from Pittsburgh, Pa. The Markowitz’s closest family is back in Pittsburgh and in Florida, so Jenn was so excited to win a professional family video. She said this in comments,

“Since our closest relative lives 900 miles away, they miss so much in our day to day lives. We try to take pictures, but they do not capture a voice, action, movement…of how we are right now. I think it would be fun to capture my 3 year old, Jack, showcasing his unusual talent. This talent consists of naming cars. Not just the typical ‘That is a truck or that is a car’, but he can actually tell you the make and model.”

Jenn says Jack picked must have picked up his vast vehicle knowledge from his father who seems to be driving a different vehicle all the time. (He’s in the business of selling used cars to car dealers.)

Carrie White of Springdale won the date night to Bordino’s and Walton Arts Center. Carrie, mom to 8-year-old Makenzie and 5-year-old Maddie, was able to take advantage of the date on her birthday — and just a few weeks before she’s due with baby #3. Happy Birthday and birth day, Carrie!

playcare21.jpgIf you recall, we also gave away a date night with childcare from Play-Care and dinner at the River Grille. Tara Campbell Frutiger, a former reporter at Channel 5, won this great package. Tara was thrilled because with a son under 1 and a 5-year-old daughter, she hasn’t been on many date nights lately.

Tara cracked us up talking about how she met her husband, Keith. She was on assignment for the television station and he was in court as an FBI investigator during a trial.

“Let’s just say the jury spent a lot of time out of the courtroom,” she said.

The second Play-Care winner received child care and lunch at Mimi’s Cafe, courtesy of Rachel Huff, who has a 3-year-old daughter, just couldn’t decide how she’d spend her child-free time. In comments, she considered any of these good ideas: “read, shop, sleep, take a long bath, get a haircut, pedicure.” If she really hurries, maybe she can get to most of those during her “me” time!

Congratulations to all our winners. This year has been filled with giveaways and we’ve got plenty up our sleeves for for 2010, too!

Don’t forget we’re choosing the winner of the Underwood’s diamond necklace this week, so don’t forget to throw your name in the sparkly hat! Click here to see the details.