Win a $360 Disney Rug!


There are so many cool things about this week’s giveaway that I’m not quite sure where to start. Okay, let’s start with something all mamas know — kids love to play and lounge around on the floor. Even when there is a comfy chair or bed in the room, kids will inevitably end up on the floor at least half the time.

So wouldn’t it be nice if you had a large, brand spankin’ new area rug underfoot for your kid’s bedroom, playroom or even family room? (It’s priced at $359.99!) And wouldn’t it be even nicer if it was one of the new Shaw Disney-themed rugs which just arrived in flooring stores? And wouldn’t it just be perfect if you actually got to pick out which rug YOU want that would go with your room? Well…. perhaps we can help.

bear3.jpgMotherlode sponsor Flooring America by Carpetsmart is going to give one lucky Motherlode mama a new Disney area rug — and it’s a huge 6×9 size! Cool, huh? And you get to pick your rug from one of the following designs:

  • rockin6hannahrug2.jpgWinnie the Pooh
  • Cars movie
  • Hannah Montana
  • Disney Fairies
  • rockets.jpgDisney Princess
  • Toy Story

What I like most about the new Disney rugs is that they don’t scream “I’M A LITTLE KID!” They still capture the essence of the various Disney themes, but the patterns and colors are also subtle enough to be used long after your kid stops watching cartoons. For example, the rug with the Cars theme could even cars-5.jpgwork for a teenage boy because it’s gray with black tire tracks on it. And many of the Disney princess or the Hannah Montana designs and colors will still work great with a teenage girl’s room as well. There are also options to get a solid color shag rug, too. Click HERE to get a closer look at the various rug designs and colors.

You can also go see the rugs in person by stopping by Flooring America by Carpetsmart, pretty6.jpgwhich is located in Springdale in Center Pointe Plaza just off Interstate 540. Click here to see their website and get directions to the store.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the hat to win the 6×9 Disney-theme area rug, click the word “comment” below and tell us what you like most about your child’s room decor. Or, if you’re in dire need of a little redecorating, tell us what you’d like to change about the room. You can also send your entries to us via e-mail at

To increase your odds of winning the rug, send an e-mail to your friends and family to let them know about the giveaway and we’ll put your name in the hat again for every friend you tell. Tell 10 friends, and you’ll get 10 extra chances. That’s how it works. Just be sure to copy us on your note so we can give you proper credit for spreading the word.

We love to hear how creative our fellow moms can be when it comes to creating bedrooms or playrooms for kids, so share your ideas with us or borrow a few from the posted comments. Thanks so much to our friends at Flooring America by Carpetsmart for the generous giveaway!

Good luck!



  1. I love the trim that my sweet husband and dad hung all around our baby’s room–it has a small ledge about 2.5 feet below the ceiling, so we can decorate safely. I have artwork, metal stars, and books that we can enjoy, but that are out of reach for little hands.

  2. I would love to win this!! I am actually in the process of redecorating my son’s room and he loves CARS!! I saw that rug and just know he would love it. He loves the movie and just cars in general. This would be an awesome addition to his room!!!

  3. We just changed our guestroom into a playroom for our son who just turned 5. He loves CARS, Toy Story, etc and it would be great to get a new rug for that room! Thanks NWA Motherlode for all your giveaways!

  4. Our “office” is about to become baby #2’s room, so the old brown carpet will have to go. A beautiful and fun Disney rug would be a perfect addition!

  5. I have a 5 1/2 yr old little “princess” that would just LOVE a rug with all her fav princesse’s on it.

  6. Before we moved into our house (we lived in LA) we had people come in and paint everything. It was all perfect except for Owen’s room! I was bummed!! While I was on a trip visiting family my husband painted the room to surprise me!!! I love it!!! A rug for our new baby’s room would be perfect!!!!

  7. I am due in a little over 6 weeks and we have the big stuff but nothing really as far as a theme and I would really like a rug in the room I think it would just change the room so much! We are having a girl and naming her EMMA ROSE we are so excited to meet her. I just want everything in the room to be perfect! I think this would complete the room!

  8. My daughter is in desperate need of her girl identity. She is a girl in all aspects and loves anything to do with princesses, Barbies, and Disney. Her room has very little to identify with the girl that she is. We have started the re-decorating process but the added rug would just make her day!
    I would just like to give her more decorations in the pink, baby blue, and white colors she loves so much. Not too mention the things she identifies with personally and creatively.

  9. I love my kids’ personal touches in their room. I love their crookedly hung drawings and their silly memento scraps. I love their mismatched colors and funky patterns. I don’t care if it’s not a designer’s vision. It’s their vision and that’s all that matters.

  10. I love the bright colors in my little girls room. It is always a happy cheery place to be.

  11. My daughter desparately needs a new rug for her room. Her old one just fell apart. And a Hannah Montana or HSM rug would be a nice touch to her room. Or a Cars rug would be great in my play room, since I moved into this house a year ago. The playroom has been neglected from move-in.

  12. Oh my gosh, I have 3 girls that are badly in need of a room makeover!! My two young girls are just in love with the Disney princesses so a rug would be GREAT!!!

  13. i have been a speced teacher for 17 years and got laid off in January, 2009, I decided, along with my husband, that since I made a career of helping, nurturing and teaching preschool children that I would open my own home daycare in my spare bedroom. Well, shall I say all is going well and the rug would be PERFECT for my four little children to play on!!!! thank you in advance….love your informative newsletter.

  14. My son will be turning 3 in just 2 weeks and we’re getting ready to redecorate his room to either Cars characters (his fave) or a maybe rocket ships/outer space theme. Either of those rugs would look great in his new “big boy” room!!!

  15. We are moving in three weeks and I am redecorating the kids rooms; so this would be perfect!

  16. We just ordered a “Big Boy” twin bed for my son, and although part of me is a little sad that he is getting so big, I am looking forward to redecorating his room. We haven’t decided on a theme yet, but I think a rug would be a great place to start!

  17. I have the perfect place for the CARS or Buzz Lightyear rugs. My boys would love either and it would look great in their hard surface play area. Love the colors, too!

  18. I love my daughters fairy room. She is a Tinkerbell maniac. She leaves things on the windowsill for the fairies and sometimes they take her gifts and leave her tiny gifts. A Disney Fairy rug would make a nice landing pad for the fairies.

  19. I love my daughter’s room. My husband and I first painted the walls a periwinkle blue. Then I had a friend come over and paint large, random cherries all over the room. Each cherry is a beautiful piece of art. Seriously, we’re talking real art here. I love it & wish it were my office.

  20. I’ve always collected frog things so I decorated my daughters room with them. The walls are lime green and it has a precious border with animals in smocked dresses. I love the room but it could definitely use a new rug. Thanks!

  21. I am in the process of redecorating the play room and a new rug would be the perfect addition.

    Thanks fo the great giveaway.

  22. We could definitely use a pretty rug in my daughter’s room – she loves to play in her room and all she plays is disney princesses and barbie. She has the best time in her room while playing on her bed or in the floor. She loves color and likes to add new things to her room.

  23. My son and daughter share a room and they both have a race car bed. My son has the blue race car and my daughter has the more girly red race car bed. They both love it. A race car rug would be perfect!!


  24. I have three girls and they all love fairies. What we love most about the 2 younger ones room are the beds. They are so soft and comfortable and cute at the same time.

  25. We are in the process of moving. My daughters 7 and 4 have been looking a paint colors and dreaming of redecorating. A disney princess rug would be a great inspiration!

  26. We are fixing to move to a new house and my girls would LOVE something like this!!

  27. My youngest of 3 girls LOVES everything Disney Princess! The rug would be a perfect addition to her already pink, glittery room!

  28. My favorite thing about my girls’ rooms are the things my family and I have made to make each room personal to each girl. They each have several hand-crafted things with their names or initials on it…from cut-out letters to spell their names that my sister made to a place to hold all of their hairbows that I made for each of them. Its neat to hear my four-year-old ask, Mommy, who made this for me!

  29. Currently, my daughter shares a bedroom with me and my husband due to space issues. In a few weeks, we will be moving and Miss Noa will have her own bedroom for the very first time – she will be 1 yr old! To make her first room extra special, we are decorating it in a Disney Princess theme. A Disney Princess rug would be the perfect complement to the themed paint and furniture we have already picked out!

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