When’s the best time for that?

If you’re a fan of the DVR or if you’re near a TV around 11 a.m. weekdays, you can learn some cool stuff by watching the Dr. Oz show. (It airs on ABC.) We’ve learned some interesting health tidbits by watching the show, and the one I recorded last week was especially good. It was about research conducted on the best time of day to schedule certain doctor appointments, cheat on a diet and lots more. (Some people claim that “timing is everything”, right?) Here are a few of the suggestions from the show.

Best time to schedule a doctor’s appointment: 8 a.m. (because the doctor starts on time and isn’t stressed out because he is running late)

Best time to schedule a dentist appointment: 2 p.m. (because anesthesia lasts longer in the afternoon)

Best time to schedule a mammogram: 9 a.m. (before you have caffeine or coffee because it can make breasts more sensitive)

Best time to schedule a surgery: 10 a.m. (because the surgeon is warmed up by then!)

Best time to get a flu shot: 11 a.m. (because there’s more pain associated with flu shots in the afternoon)

Best time to eat carbs: 1 p.m. (because it increases your “feel-good” hormone, serotonin)

Best time to eat sugar: 2 p.m. (because it gives an energy boost during the post-lunch lull)

Best time to eat fat: 10 a.m. (because fat gives more energy to use during day)

Best time to drink alcohol: 5 p.m. (in small doses, alcohol is a stimulant and drinking it at 5 p.m. won’t interfere with falling asleep at bedtime)

Click here to go to the Dr. Oz website and see more facts about the “best times” to do things, and be sure to check out the article on the “Best Time to Prevent Heart Attacks.” Dr. Oz rocks!