What We’re Reading: Who’s That Girl? by Mhairi McFarlane

Need a good novel to snuggle up with this weekend? We’ve got one that will keep you turning pages. It’s called “Who’s That Girl?” written by one of our favorite authors, Mhairi McFarlane.

What’s it about? This novel introduces you to a young woman named Edie, who has been chatting online with a co-worker and slowly falling in love with him. But… the guy is engaged to another woman who works at the same office.

Edie goes to their wedding, and after vows are exchanged, the groom sneaks out of the reception to find Edie and KISSES HER just as his new bride rounds the corner. You can imagine the huge amount of public fall-out that happens after that.

This novel illustrates what happens to a person’s reputation (especially in social media) when people don’t know the full story but make judgements about a person anyway. Edie desperately needs to get out of London, so her boss sends her on a special assignment back to her hometown which he hopes will let things blow over.

Edie is supposed to be a ghostwriter for a famous actor named Elliot, but their first meeting is a disaster.

This book is such an interesting yet fun ride.  Even though you see the way Edie has messed up, you also understand how she got herself into the mess and you root for her along the way. This book also takes a look at fake friendships, loss, social media stress, and strained sibling relationships.

Hope you love reading this book as much as we did!