What We’re Reading: Hideaway by Nora Roberts

Happy Friday, mamas! If you’re looking for a good book to read poolside or to curl up with in the air-conditioned indoors, we’ve got one for you. Shannon and I both finished reading this one a few weeks ago. It’s called Hideaway, by Nora Roberts. It just published in May 2020.

The good news is that, if you like this one, you’ll find more than 200 other Nora Roberts books out there with her distinctive story-telling style.

Shannon read it on paper, and I listened to it on Audible. We both liked it and think it’s a fun summer read. If you’re familiar with Nora Roberts’ writing style, you know she’s great at painting a picture that you’ll see in your head as you read and/or listen. In fact, Publishers Weekly said “Roberts has an unparalleled ability to paint a picture with words.” This particular book has a few different settings but mostly takes place in the Big Sur area of California. The main character also has a few adventures in Ireland and New York.

The novel follows the life of Caitlyn Sullivan who went missing at age 10 during a game of hide and seek. The novel describes not only how she deals with the abduction but also about how she and her extended family (a famous group of movie and theatre actors) handle the fallout following Cate’s terrifying ordeal. We watch her go from the scene of the crime to a secluded cottage in Ireland, back to California, then to New York, and then finally back to where it all started in Big Sur.

During all those moves, she grows up, starts dating, gets a few movie roles, finds her true professional calling, falls in love, and deals with some threatening elements from her past.

As with most Nora Roberts novels, the suspense in this one really keeps you turning pages to find out what happens next. And I LOVED the family members in this particular book — especially the grandmother named Lily or “G-Lil,” as the main character calls her.

Another hallmark of Nora Roberts novels is a strong love story, and this one delivers on that front, too. (Be aware, especially if you’re listening to the book and kids are within earshot, there are a few steamy scenes you’ll want to keep for adult ears only.)

The action gets intense toward the end of this novel, but the ending was definitely satisfying so no worries. We’re betting you’ll walk away happy with how things end. There’s a reason why The New Yorker calls Nora Roberts “America’s favorite writer.”

If you want a few other recommendations for other Nora Roberts novels we read and enjoyed, we’d also suggest you read Under Currents and Shelter in Place.