What We’re Reading: “For Women Only”

contributed by Heidi Simmons

In her book “For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men” Shaunti Feldhahn attempts the impossible – unlocking the mystery of the male mind. Shaunti takes information from surveys she did with more than 1,000 men and puts their answers in an easy-to-read guide for women. I loved this book! A combination of fact-finding and Bible study (Bible verses back up her for-women-only-book-jacket.jpgfindings), her premise is “knowledge is power” in your marriage.

It’s no secret men and women think differently. This book gives us knowledge about our husbands’ needs and insecurities so we can have the power to adjust our words and actions accordingly. I admit I was surprised by her findings. How often we say one thing but men “hear” something else. Fascinating! Topics include providing for the family, respect, insecurity and intimacy.

Fair warning, ladies. This book is about changing yourself and not your husband. I read this as part of a Bible study accompanied by a video, but you can also just buy the book. Many in the group commented how their marriages were drastically improving as a result of this book. And, great news, there’s another version of the book called “For Men Only.” Pick up these easy-to-read books if you want to invest in your marriage or simply learn something new about your mate.