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debbies.jpgEvery smart mama knows that, when someone in the family is sick, one of her best allies is her pharmacist. We are welcoming a great pharmacist and new sponsor to the website today – Debbie’s Family Pharmacy in Rogers. I can’t even count the number of times that pharmacist Debbie Bastian has bailed me out of a jam by helping me figure out which over-the-counter medicine to give my kids, how much to give them and when it may be time to call the doctor. What keeps me coming back to Debbie’s time and time again is knowing I can count on her for good information and knowing she really does care about helping us feel better.

I also love those cute little Volkswagen delivery cars parked outside her pharmacy. Of course, I don’t see them parked very often because the “Drug Bugs” stay busy delivering prescriptions all day. Any mama who has had an exhausted, sick child knows the last thing you want to do is drag him to wait in line at a pharmacy when all he wants to do is stay home and rest. So if you’re in Benton County and need a pharmacist who understands what moms need most, give Debbie’s a try. They have definitely earned this mama’s seal of approval.

~From Gwen Rockwood, mama of 3

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  1. I’ve used Debbie’s Pharmacy for years and it is wonderful! Love the fast delivery. It has helped me out so many times!

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