Starting a new business? This local attorney can help

winterslawOne of the smartest entrepreneurs we know in Northwest Arkansas, Jeannette Balleza Collins, recommended we call local attorney Debby Winters to help us with a contract recently.

Debby was easy to talk to, responsive and gave us fabulous advice on the contract matter.

We know lots of moms may be starting a new business in the new year and you’ll probably need a good attorney for peace of mind. Debby can help set up a new business, offer advice on IP (intellectual property), as well as advise on patent applications or filing a trademark for your business.

“I can help clients decide what business entity to choose, whether it’s an LLC, corporation or DBA, depending on what their business does,” Debby said. “I can help them set the business up with the Secretary of State and draft all of the documents needed to get them going.”

We know LOTS of you mamas are movers and shakers out there in the world and might need a good attorney sometime for a variety of business reasons.

Call Debby at 479-236-7839 or email her at