New sponsor with a familiar name: Tupperware

tupperware4.jpgBy Shannon Magsam, nwaMotherlode mama

We hope you’ve noticed our new ad space titled “Support Work-From-Home Women” – it’s right below our archives. It’s a spot that we’ve designated for local women who have no more than two employees and no storefront. It’s even got its own special pricing! Right now it features NWA woman Rebecca Teague with Tupperware.

Rebecca knows Tupperware inside and out, especially since she was first introduced to the company as a kid. She grew up in a house filled with the company’s best products. Her mother, Donna Myers, started in the business as a way to earn money while staying home with her first-born. Donna loved it so much that she was selling Tupperware on a full-time basis (and even drove a car from the company) by the time her second baby, Rebecca, came along.

“I could spell Tupperware before I could spell my own name,” Rebecca said with an infectious laugh.

And by the time Rebecca was a teenager she and her sister could answer customers’ questions about Tupperware as confidently as any paid consultant.

“We were like my mother’s little Tupperware secretaries,” she said.

Rebecca officially joined the Tupperware ranks in early 2006. She was in her 20s, working full time as a promotions director for Clear Channel Radio in Jackson, Miss., planning giveaways and events for five stations. Then Rebecca said “yes” to Rusty Teague’s marriage proposal in a hot air balloon and she thought Tupperware might be a great way to make a little extra money. She started out demonstrating Tupperware occasionally at parties. She was able to buy her husband’s ring and some other wedding “extras” with the additional money.

In December 2006, she left her radio career to move with her new husband to Arkansas. She decided then that Tupperware might be a good full-time choice for her. She knew it was a position that would force her to meet new people and navigate her new community (since she’d be driving to people’s homes to demonstrate products). Two years later, she’s a manager in the company and knows her way around Northwest Arkansas as well as any native.

Rebecca is positively enthusiastic about Tupperware. She uses the products almost exclusively and can show you at least three ways to use one item. She always lets people know that most of the current food storage products are “microwave reheatable” and that all Tupperware products have a lifetime guarantee.

“I also tell them that this is not your Grandmama’s Tupperware,” she said.

tupperware-diegop10055631000_sm.gifThough some of the colors and patterns may come back into style, Tupperware is more than just storage, she said. There are knives, cookware, tea … even toys! But convenient storage is still an important component, especially in this economic climate, Rebecca noted.

“The easiest thing to do in this economy is take your lunch to work or store your food in quality containers in the fridge so you’re not throwing your money down the drain,” Rebecca noted. “If you have the tools at your fingertips, you’ll do it.”

To fill your own kitchen cabinets with tools, give Rebecca a call at 479-657-6636 or check out her website. Click HERE to go shopping now.