Vegetables that help with weight loss

Mamas, we’re watching what we eat more than usual these days because it’s September, which means we’re heading into the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons — the trifecta of holidays for weight gain that has a way of sneaking up on a mama.

Since we fully intend to have a few of those fun-size Twix bars at Halloween, some mashed potatoes and pie at Thanksgiving, and cookies for Christmas, we’re trying to eat super healthy stuff now so there will be a little more room for cheat meals in the coming months.

One thing I’ve learned lately is that, when prepared by people who know their stuff, vegetables can make an incredibly delicious meal. I absolutely LOVE the roasted cauliflower appetizer at Preacher’s Son in downtown Bentonville. And don’t get me started on how addictive the Brussels sprouts are at Foster’s Pint & Plate in Rogers. My mom is crazy about the steamed broccoli at Colton’s, and my dad is a big fan of swapping his traditional baked potato for a baked sweet potato at almost any restaurant. (Do you know of other incredible vegetable dishes at restaurants in Northwest Arkansas? Let us know by leaving a comment below this post. We want to try them!)

We ran across a great article on the Food Network website about seven vegetables that are especially good for people trying to lose a few pounds. Pictured below are the veggies that made the list. Click HERE to read the article with comments from a certified diabetes educator who explains why these specific veggies are likely to help you if you want to reduce body weight and stay healthy.