Unrelated to Life With Ladybug

By Shannon Magsam

porn24914548.JPGSo I saw this calendar at the Northwest Arkansas Mall the other day called Porn for Women. I have to tell you I was definitely breathing hard after flipping through January to December — from laughing so uproariously that I nearly wheezed.

My husband heard me from across the Calendar Club store and had to come over and see what was so funny.

The calendar features 12 months of manly men stocking the house with chocolate, encouraging women to talk without offering them a solution, cheerfully cleaning out the cat box and so many more sexy porn252689721.JPGsentiments. They even have Porn for New Moms edition, which would be a perfect girlfriend gift for the newly-minted mother.

In this calendar, men insist on changing diapers and say hot things like, “No, you relax for a while. I’ve figured out how to fold everything one-handed.”

And my personal favorite: “Don’t worry, honey. Your mother and I will take wonderful care of the baby while you and your girlfriends are at the spa.”

This would also make a funny baby shower gift.

If you were to write a page in one of these calendars, what could your man say to make you swoon?

And now on to the next thing that made me laugh hysterically: This video helps remind your guy that good gift-giving is necessary lest he end up in the doghouse. Click HERE if you can stifle laughter at work, you’re not in danger of waking a sleeping baby and/or you’re not drinking anything that you wouldn’t mind squirting out of your nose.

Wasn’t that funny?!

Now, quickly, on to something else I read about this week that I really thought was bizarre: THIS PRODUCT for when you apparently need to go out and tie one on while breastfeeding. I read about milkscreen from one of my favorite bloggers. I was frankly surprised when she endorsed, rather than ridiculed, the product.

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