Top 5 reasons to put guests in a hotel

5. Your guests won’t need to worry that they’re inconveniencing you.

We love it when we have out-of-town guests here for a visit. And some of keep calmyou might really, really want those relatives/friends to stay at your house when they come to visit, and that’s great. If it works well for you and the guests, everybody is happy.

BUT…there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting guests up in a nearby hotel room either. I’ve done it both ways so I’ve learned that there are definitely some benefits of the hotel option — both for you as the hostess and especially for the guests.

When I travel, I always want to make sure I’m not creating too much work or hassle for the people I’m staying with. Your guests feel the same way. So staying in a hotel often solves that anxiety because there’s automatically less work for the hostess to do which allows both you and your guests to relax and enjoy the holiday.

4. You won’t have the added pressure of being “on” for 24 hours a day.

I have a friend who always quoted this line during the holidays: “Fish and house guests start to stink after 3 days.” Let’s face it: After several days of entertaining house guests, everyone gets a little worn out. But when your guests stay at a hotel and just spend chunks of time at your house, extended visits are much more enjoyable because everybody gets a little break at the end of the day.

hotel bathroom3. Your guests can make a mess and hotel housekeeping can deal with it.

You know how careful you are when you’re staying at someone else’s house? You want to be sure that you don’t leave a mess behind, and you’re quick to jump in and help with dishes, straighten up any toys your kids play with, etc.

When you put your guests into a hotel, you’re giving them the gift of being able to be a total slob for a few days because hotel housekeeping will be there to clean up. Everybody wins. 🙂

2. Your guests can enjoy more of the city.

Sometimes when people stay at your house, they don’t feel as free to come and go as they please. Having your guests at a nearby hotel gives them the luxury of being able to control their own schedule and go out for a little sightseeing or shopping when they feel like it. It feels more like a combination of family visit AND vacation.

If you choose one of the hotels surrounding the Pinnacle Hills Promenade, for example, your guests can easily sneak in a little holiday shopping while they’re here. Or they can take their kids skating at the outdoor rink at the mall. Or they can try a new restaurant or do any of these activities on your town’s “Things to Do” list.

1. Everybody needs a little space and downtime.

do not disturb signHaving your guests stay in a hotel is especially good if you happen to have some family dynamics which create tension. If your uncle always starts an argument or your mother can’t help but make a running commentary about your husband or kids, it’s often a blessing to have a little extra space instead of having everyone right on top of each other for days on end.

Also, consider that if you have small kids in your house and your guests aren’t used to that, they might be really grateful for a little downtime away from all the holiday chaos. Sometimes having a few hours in a quiet hotel room makes it much easier for them to embrace the festivities when it’s time for the holidays’ big events.

On the flip side of that, if your visiting guests have a baby, they might LOVE the idea of having a quiet hotel room to go back to when it’s time for the baby’s all-important nap. We all know how hard it is to keep babies on their schedules during the holidays.

Cost is always a factor when it comes to putting guests in a hotel, but the good news is that local hotels offer great deals around the holidays. Call the front desk of any hotel and ask about specials or promotions they might have, and try to get rooms close together if you have multiple guests coming into town.

Hope these reasons help you give yourself permission to put guests in a local hotel, if that’s what works best for you and for them. Having a little “hotel back-up” often makes the whole holiday run smoothly and adds an extra element of vacation fun.