Giveaway: Tickets to see The Nutcracker at Walton Arts Center

Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet performs The Nutcracker at Walton Arts Center Nov. 25-27, 2022

Part of what makes the holiday season so special is the beauty and splendor of it — twinkling trees, gorgeous gift boxes, flickering candlelight. So if holiday beauty mixed with a timeless tradition sounds like a good night out for you, put your name in our online drawing to win FOUR tickets to see Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s The Nutcracker on stage at Walton Arts Center on November 25, 2022 at 7 p.m.

This would be a wonderful family event, Girls Night Out or a fun double date, too. There are plenty of reasons why this iconic ballet has become such a beloved favorite during the holiday season. It’s beautiful, timeless, and entertaining for audiences of all ages.

Photo courtesy of David Cooper


Introduce your family to the magic of one of the most popular Christmas stories of all time! As the clock strikes midnight, the adventure of a lifetime begins. This storybook journey takes us into the heart of a timeless fairytale, where we watch Clara battle the evil Mouse King, dance with sugar plum fairies and fall in love with the dashing Nutcracker prince. The breathtaking production features Canada’s premiere ballet company, a cast of local children and Tchaikovsky’s memorable score.


If you’d love to win these 4 tickets to see The Nutcracker on November 25, 2022 at the Walton Arts Center, scroll down to the bottom of the post (past the comments posted by other local moms) and tell us about one of your favorite “beautiful” things (or traditions) during the holidays. (For example, we love a pretty snowfall with big, fluffy flakes and excited little kids bundled up in heavy coats, playing in the snow.)

Photo courtesy of David Cooper


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We’ll draw the winner at random on Friday! If you want to go ahead and get tickets for the show, CLICK HERE for more information about how to reserve tickets for The Nutcracker at Walton Arts Center. There are four shows during November 25-27, 2022.

Photo courtesy of David Cooper


  1. One of my favorite things is sitting with my boys snuggled under a cozy blanket with a coffee in my hand.

  2. My favorite tradition during the holiday season is singing Christmas carols together and then going to look at Christmas lights.

  3. One of my favorite traditions is making holiday food (reindeer pancakes, snowman donuts) and decorating Christmas cookies with my girls.

  4. Making goodies with my kids to deliver to police, EMS, firefighters on our “Polar Express” ride. We end the night by looking at Christmas lights and enjoying hot cocoa!

  5. Decorating the Christmas tree as a family while listening to Christmas music.

  6. One of our favorite Christmas traditions is just being in the moment together as family. Christmas Eve we play games, eat a lot of food and drive up to the Fayetteville square to see the lights and take lots of photos. Come back home and watch a Christmas movie with popcorn and hot chocolate, all while enjoying the view of the lights on the tree.

  7. My favorite thing is when we set up the tree at my Nana and Pepaws house, we eat and decorate and trade ornaments. Then we go to the Springdale Christmas parade!

  8. I think my favorite holiday tradition is piling in the car listening to Christmas songs and searching to Christmas lights around town with the kids. And always stop through drive through for some hot cocoa!

    Although my daughters would probably say the traditional Girls’ Night where we go to The Nutcracker Ballet with all the girls in the family!

  9. Going to see the lights with my family and Christmas Eve candlelight service at church

  10. I have to many favorite traditions to name. But I love attending Christmas Eve service at church with family.

  11. We love going to The Lighting of the Square in Fayetteville. It really gets us in the Christmas spirit.

  12. Christmas Eve with the whole family, grandparents, parents, kids, grandbabies. Watching Christmas movies or doing a puzzle while laughing and just enjoying all the moments. This is my favorite tradition, my kids young and grown look forward to it each year.

  13. The most magical part of Christmas is having my family all together again, sharing our love for one another, and telling our favorite Christmas moments from the past.

  14. My favorite Christmas tradition is after the Christmas Eve service, we come back to the house and have a dinner of fun finger foods. My kiddos get new Christmas Pajamas that they put on. Once they have donned their Holiday finest, we put out cookies and (chocolate) milk for santa and then go outside and sprinkle our reindeer food so that Santa is sure to see our house. My oldest son is 13. Hoping he never outgrows the magic of Christmas.

  15. My most favorite thing is family time, anyway that I can get it! Whether it be a holiday movie with Christmas cookies & coco or decorating sugar cookies with the kiddos.

  16. My favorite beautiful tradition is new pjs on Christmas Eve, while watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate all day. My kids still look forward to this every year and it makes my momma heart so happy when we’re all together like that.

  17. My favorite thing to do at Christmas is to get hot chocolate, load up in the car and go look at Christmas lights.

  18. So many, but I love baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, and going to look at Christmas lights!

  19. A family tradition we have is decorating our real tree as a family with all the homemade ornaments we’ve added over the years, then enjoying the tree while sipping on cocoa and watching a Xmas movie, usually It’s A Wonderful Life or White Christmas.

  20. My boys and I LOVE doing the Advent calendar every year, as well as hosting a Christmas tea party.

  21. My favorite tradition is making baskets of baked goods such as cookies, fudge, dipped pretzels, pumpkin and banana bread and many other things with family and then taking the baskets out to give away to neighbors and friends. Then coming home drinking hot chocolate and watching seasonal movies under a cozy blanket

  22. One of my favorite holiday traditions is watching Christmas movies with my daughter–snuggled up on the couch with a blanket is the best!

  23. We have so many wonderful, family traditions. I always buy an ornament whenever we go on a family vacation. It is so neat when decorating our tree to reminisce about all the fun places we’ve gone!

  24. One of the most beautiful things of the holidays is waking to blanket of snow covering a quiet town. My favorite thing is the bright smiling faces getting layers bundled on to race outside, and the Rosie cheeks of cheer after catching snowshoes. Families gather to see the lights and decorations hang joyously around the hearth. Our hearts sing the jingles of jolly song as we ride to visit our family.

  25. I enjoy going to Christmas Eve service with my family and singing Silent Night with the entire congregation while we each hold a lit candle. It gives me chills!!

  26. All 3 kids and 3 dogs snuggled by the fire watching a movie and spending time together.

  27. My favorite tradition is on Christmas Eve after church driving around looking at Christmas lights and going out to eat at our favorite restaurant.

  28. While putting up our tree we talk about where all of the ornaments come from. We take vacations and we get a new ornament everywhere we go. It’s a great way to reminisce.

  29. I love turning all the lights off at night except the lights of the tree – we all love watching them sparkle in the dark. We also watch Elf while we put up our tree and we open a new ornament every year!

  30. Reading the the Christmas Story from the Bible w my family. Sharing cooking and stories and love.

  31. I’d love to win and take my daughter, her friend, and my sons girfriend! going to crystal bridges during the break is fun esp when it snows!

  32. Taking my kids to Silver Dollar City to see the lights, staying with grandparents and making Christmas Candy. Making Gingerbread houses and soaking up all the Blessings of the season tougher as a family!

  33. Driving around to see the lights around town is a fun tradition…sometimes we add hot chocolate to the mix.

  34. We are new to NWA, so we are excited to make new Christmas memories here! We love all things Christmas…from decorating cookies and gingerbread houses to opening our advent calendar and making snowmen. We would love to add seeing The Nutcracker to our memories!

  35. Our favorite traditions happen on Christmas Eve. We start by attending the youth Christmas Eve Mass at our church, then come home and have my family’s traditional Italian 7 different fish dinner. The kids get to open one gift and we spend the rest of the evening playing games and spend time together.

  36. Hot cocoa in travel mugs and load up in the car to see all the christmas lights with my kiddos. Movie nights snuggled under blankets with the Christmas tree lights on. Time with family.

  37. I love the Nutcracker. The music is so magical like Christmas is. My family has never seen it live together. I think this will be my new favorite tradition.

  38. One of my favorite traditions is piling in the bed to read the true Christmas story before we even do presents.

  39. We do finger foods and board games for Thanksgiving and it is my favorite thing about the holidays. Everybody pitches in and it’s a very relaxed day.

  40. I love the candlelight service at church, and baking our traditional Christmas cookies as a family.

  41. I love our children’s Christmas program at church. It is so cute and sweet, and always reminds me of what’s really important.

  42. One of my favorite things is walking or driving around, looking at the gorgeous lights that are put up, especially in downtown Fayetteville! Seeing the excitement in my children’s eyes is one of the highlights of my life as a mom. 🙂

  43. Lighting the Advent candle on Sunday nights is my favorite beautiful tradition!

  44. I love listening to Christmas music decorating gingerbread houses with the kids!

  45. One of our favorite things to do as a family is baking together while listening to Christmas music with a fire going, it’s a tradition!

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