Picture Mama: July snapshot finalists announced


We got a TON of really cute photos submitted in July, when the theme was all about kids “keepin’ it cool.” We had pics of kids eating ice cream, swimming at the pool, skidding down a Slip n’ SlideĀ  — you name it. The shot you see pictured above looks like it was taken on a gorgeous beach somewhere, which is one of our favorite ways to “stay cool.”

And we love this next shot of a little guy taking a flying leap into the lake…


And the next snapshot reminds us that water slides can be fun for little kids AND big kids…


Buy hey… you don’t have to have an exotic beach or a lake or even a water slide to stay cool. As the little boy below demonstrates, you can just stretch out on the driveway in your underwear and catch raindrops on your tongue! That works, too.


Thank you to ALL the moms who submitted photos, and congrats to the mamas who sent in the photos selected as July finalists! You guys are one step closer to the big prize awarded at the end of the snapshot contest. It’s a free photo session with photographer Melinda Worthington of MJW Photography. The winning mom will also get to choose her favorite shot from that session and get a HUGE 16 by 20 inch wall print of that photo. That’s a really awesome prize, especially if you happen to love great photos of your kids. You’ll hang onto this prize forever.

The good news is that August is open for all new submissions with a brand new photo theme. This month, we’d love to see photos of kids just “hanging out.” Got a snapshot of your kid dangling from monkey bars? How about a baby hanging out in a sling? Does your kid like to hang out in trees? Or you could send that shot of your kiddo snoozing on the sofa or enjoying some of these lazy days of summer. Any kind of “hanging out” photo will work!

You can send up to 5 photos per month. E-mail the pictures to gwen@nwaMotherlode.com. We’ll post a few of your submissions throughout the month, and you may spot one of your pictures in the Polaroid frame at the top of this page. We love to show off kids in Northwest Arkansas!

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