NWA mom turns organic baby food passion into a new business

angie-coleman-2009-17.jpgCPA Angie Primm Coleman worked for eight years as an auditor and accounting consultant. It was a good career, but it wasn’t a job that made her feel excited in the mornings. After her second child was born, she acknowledged a passion for food, health, the environment, and, of course, babies! As a result, Boston Mountain Baby was born. After seeking out local baby and toddler taste testers to help perfect some of her recipes, Boston Mountain Baby officially launched last week.

We recently spoke to Angie about her new business and the details of its origin:

Q: Will you have a storefront? I will not have a storefront quite yet.  I will be at the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market and will be available through orders with me and through my website (www.bostonmountainbaby.com).  My next goal will be to get on local grocery store freezer shelves.

Q: How did this business idea evolve? I started making baby food when Caleb (now 3 years old) was 6 months old.  I was not impressed with the added ingredients and nutritional value of conventional baby food.  I wanted him to have organic, fresh food and not something that had spent months or years on a shelf.  I fell in love with the process and continued to hone my skills and recipes with my daughter who is now 17 months old. The logistics of it all is pretty daunting (health department regulations, insurance, commercial kitchens, etc…) but I am dedicated and am so excited about officially opening Boston Mountain Baby!

bmb_logo_transparent_low.jpgQ: Why do you think it’s so important to offer homemade baby food made from local produce? The food will be made in a health department inspected commercial kitchen and not at my home, but will be hand made in small batches by only me.  It has always been important to me to feed my own children the freshest ingredients possible.  Locally grown produce is good for the local farmers, good for the local economy and good for the environment because the food is not transported all over the country to get here.  Most of all, the local food is extremely fresh as I will be preparing, freezing, and packaging it within a couple of days of it being picked.  More nutrients are retained and no preservatives or other ingredients (besides water) are added.

Q: Are there strict state guidelines you must follow? Yes!  As there should be, there are plenty of guidelines the state health department requires of food preparation.  I have also opted to do voluntary food safety training and certification to ensure the food is prepared in the highest quality standards.

Q: How can people order your products? I plan to be at the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market in late May/early June.  Or they can visit my website www.bostonmountainbaby.com.  Otherwise and immediately they can reach me via e-mail at angie@bostonmountainbaby.com.

Q: Where will the produce come from? The fruit and vegetable produce will originate from either my own personal organic garden, or purchased from farmers that sell at the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market.  I will only use fruits, vegetables, and in a few toddler recipes I will use organic grains and beans.

Q: Why is your business called Boston Mountain Baby? I grew up on a small farm outside of Alma, Ark., which is in the foothills of the Boston Mountains. After my husband (who grew up in Mountainburg, Ark.) graduated from college in 2000, we moved every two years and lived in Fairfax, Va., Little Rock and Austin, Texas. We finally (and joyfully!) settled back to our home state two years ago.

My husband and I have a great love for the Boston Mountain area (especially the Buffalo River, Lee Creek and Mulberry River) and all outdoor activities. Boston Mountain Baby is a sentimental tribute to us bringing our family back home.


  1. Love it. Thanks so much for posting this. Already gotten a few orders today because of the article!


  2. Wow! Angie sounds like a really smart lady who is committed to healthy children and a healthy enviroment. Wishing you the best success!! 🙂

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