New to Northwest Arkansas? Start here.

Hi, mama! Are you new in town? We know there will be many families moving to our area in the next few days, since many people tend to relocate for a new job when their kids are about to start a new semester at school.

If you have new neighbors moving in or know of someone who’s just arrived in Northwest Arkansas, please share this post with them! Moving to a new place isn’t easy, and we’d like to help smooth out the transition as much as possible by helping our fellow mamas get plugged into what’s going on around the region.

Check out our New In Town Guide. Not only does it have a great list of things to do in Northwest Arkansas, it also has a list of local moms’ groups, which are always eager to welcome a new mama to the area. (Even if you’ve lived here a long time, you may find a few new ideas in this guide!)

If you ARE the new mama who just moved to Northwest Arkansas or is about to make the move, WELCOME! You’re going to love it here, and we’re here to help. We Northwest Arkansas mamas stick together.