Mealtime Mama: Make steaks this weekend!

Happy Friday, mamas! If you want to eat a fancy steak dinner this weekend but you also want to stay home and avoid the weekend crowds, here’s a recipe we recently tested that we absolutely love. Even though I’m not a huge fan of meat at every meal, my husband and college sons are total meat-lovers. So they wanted steak when we were all together for Christmas Eve.

My husband is in charge of cooking steaks, and he is constantly on the hunt for the best techniques and cuts of meat to use. So I found this recipe called “Perfect Steak with Garlic Butter” on the Damn Delicious website, which has never steered me wrong. I asked Tom to try it out for our Christmas Eve dinner. He followed the recipe and particularly the “how to” tips included, and it turned out amazing. It was seriously better than most of the steaks we’ve had in restaurants. The homemade garlic compound butter on top kicks it up to a new level.  See how mouthwatering these steaks look?

photo courtesy of Damn Delicious website

My husband said this is by far the best steak recipe and technique he has tried (and he has been trying different methods for more than 20 years)!

The ingredient list here is simple: steaks (like ribeye or filet mignon, etc.), salt and pepper, and olive oil. It’s truly the recipe’s guidance on HOW to cook the steaks and when to do what that makes the big difference. The recipe author explains things in a way that makes it simple to understand and execute. And you’ll definitely want to grab the simple recipe for the Garlic Compound Butter that goes on top of the steak. (You can put it on almost anything including the baked potatoes or dinner rolls, and trust me, you’ll want to.)

Click HERE to grab the printer-friendly recipe for the Perfect Steak with Garlic Butter from the Damn Delicious website. Let us know if you love it as much as we do!