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We’ll be stopping by Magic 107.9 around 7:45 a.m. this morning for our Thursday morning radio chat, and we love this week’s topic because it’s all about FRIENDS. Tune in to hear this discussion between the mamas and radio hosts Jennifer Irwin and Guy Westmoland. You can also listen to the show live on your computer by clicking on the graphic at right.

We read an article recently in Parenting Magazine that we both really liked because it sums up so much of what is true of friendships. It’s called “The Six Friends Every Mom Needs.” We’ll include a link to it below, but some of those friend roles are: The Been-There-Done-That Friend, the Brutally Honest Friend, the Mom-in-the-Same-Boat Friend, and — last but certainly not least — the Do-Anything-For-You Friend.

We’ll talk about these friendships, as well as the dreaded “toxic friendship”, and we’d love it if you’d call in and give a shout-out to the great friends in your life.

Here are some links that will take you to the articles we’ll mention on the air today.

The Six Friends Every Mom Needs, from Parenting Magazine

Baby on Board: Becoming a Mother Without LosingĀ  Yourself (book), from

The Happiness Project

The Happiest Mom

6 Types of Toxic Friends and How to Deal with Them, from