Makeup tricks and tips for the summer heat

Before we became moms, we had plenty of time to experiment with what makeup worked best, but once we had kids, our makeup routine had to get a LOT shorter. We want makeup that stays put because we don’t have time to reapply it throughout the day.

And in the summer, getting your makeup to stay put is a whole lot trickier. The sun and the heat and humidity make you feel a little bit like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz when she yelled “I’m melting!” Not a good look.

One of the most common ways to avoid melting makeup is to use something lightweight in the summer – or skip foundation altogether and just use a good concealer in the spots where you need it. If you’re more of a “Give me coverage or give me death” kind of girl, go with either a good tinted moisturizer, a mineral foundation or do a little of both. You could do a tinted moisturizer and then go over it with a powder foundation, which will help it stay in place.

Another area that’s prone to melting is mascara. Not a great look. That’s why you really need to snag waterproof or water-resistant mascara for the summer.

Here’s another tip for those of you who are guilty (like us) of grabbing the makeup bag on the way out the door and then doing a last-minute makeup application using the mirror on your car’s sun visor. They say you your car’s interior is about 20% hotter than it is outside the car. And good makeup is usually not cheap, so you don’t want it turning into hot goo in the car. Plus the heat can make it breed bacteria, so there’s another good reason not to leave it in a hot car or purse. The solution? Put it into an insulated bag with a cool pack inside it. Some moms use the same kind of bag that they’d pack a baby bottle in. Or they make special make-up bags that have coolant sewn inside the lining which keeps your investment cool, even in direct sun. Here’s a link to a cute little bag that’s insulated enough to keep makeup or even insulin inside when you’re out and about. It’s also TSA compliant so you can use it on trips when you’re taking a flight, too.

One last thing. We are loving this pretty lipstick that comes in an easy breezy color called “Pink Grapefruit.” It’s a Neutrogena Color Stick (which is super easy to apply even without a mirror), and we found it at Target.

What are some of your favorite must-have makeup tips or products this summer?