Life With Ladybug: How to Make a Summer Bucket List

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So we’re two weeks into summer break and Ladybug and I are already busy knocking out our Summer Bucket Lists.

Last year (inspired by the back of a Chick-fil-A kid’s meal bag), my daughter took a literal bucket and wrote all her summer must-dos on wooden clothespins and clipped them around the outside of the bucket. As we completed each activity, she tossed the clothespins into the bucket. She did it again this year and I decided to join her. My goals are modest, but important to me.

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One of the reasons I love a bucket list is it makes you more intentional with those fleeting summer days. I don’t want to look up and realize we haven’t really enjoyed our time together and it’s already time to buy a million dollar’s worth of supplies for the new school year.

So, here goes…

Ladybug’s 2013 Summer Bucket List:

Eat crab legs (I kid you not)

Eat more crab legs

Take my BFFs to Mimi’s house (the kids love playing in the country)

Have a picnic

Babysit (maybe we should put the Red Cross babysitter’s class on the list!)

Have a sleepover

Have a sleepover

Have a sleepover (this list could go on)

Drink lemonade

Eat tacos on the back porch

Buy ice cream from the ice cream truck

Shannon’s 2013 Summer Bucket List:

Eat at Crepes Paulette and various other food truck like Lo’s Sweet Treats

Read, read, read and win prizes in FPL’s Summer Reading Club

Go to the Highway 112 Drive-in

Make something with Ladybug from Pinterest

Go watch the NWA Naturals play

Spend more time focusing on my daughter’s interests (Animaniacs, anyone?)

Spend more time focusing on my husband (more dates)

Thoroughly enjoy our family’s vacation week together, no electronics

Make — and eat — lots of salsa and boiled shrimp

Float the lazy river at the new Rogers Aquatic Center

Go to a Taylor Swift concert with Ladybug (We already have tickets!)

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