Life with Ladybug: Act your age

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I was in the grocery store today, trying to open one of those big plastic baggies in the meat section when a 20-something cruised by with her cart (full of yogurt and greens).

produce-bagShe said something to me and I could tell by the look on her face, and the hand gesture, that she was sympathizing with me about the fact that I couldn’t open the bag.

But then I did something that I still can’t believe. I’m so embarrassed, really.

Here’s what happened: I cupped my hand around my ear and said, “I’m sorry, what did you say?” Yes, picture me there, flummoxed by a plastic bag and essentially doing the old lady equivalent of, “Eh?”

Good heavens.

I probably wouldn’t be too worried except I also just bought my first pair of “readers”.

readersI’ve started wanted to say such homespun things as, “My arm’s just not long enough, ha ha ha”. But seriously, I have to hold everything OUT (no, even further) to read it. Some print, like the kind on medicine bottles, is just too dang small. I’ve started taking pictures of the instructions and dosage amount on my iPhone, so I can widen the shot and see the words in larger print.

Ugh. And speaking of larger print, you know those “Large Print” books you see at the library? In Fayetteville, there’s a whole section. Well, I’ve started shopping that section because those books are just plain easier to read in bed at night when the lights are dim.

My husband has no sympathy. He’s worn glasses since the age of 16 — after he failed the eye test at the DMV.

So, really, I’ve been lucky to enjoy 20/20 vision until now.

But I can’t help but feel like I’m falling apart. First my eyes, now my ears. So far my mouth is doing ok since I had that gum surgery last year. I asked my friend, who’s also my dental hygienist, whether I’d soon be getting “long in the tooth” like older folks do.

She corrected me promptly, saying: “That’s not an old-folk thing. That’s just gum disease.”

Whew. Now that my mouth is no problem and I have magnified reading glasses to help with the small print, I guess I’ll be OK for a few more years … as long as I don’t break a hip.