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If you love pets the way we do, you’re going to LOVE today’s radio topic. It’s all about Pet Parenting, and we’ll be talking about all-things-pets with our fellow dog lovers, radio hosts Jennifer Irwin and Guy kezaad1.jpgWestmoland. We’ll be joining them for our weekly Thursday morning chat from about 7:40 a.m. until 9 a.m. So turn on your radio or click the graphic on the right to listen to the station live on your computer.

We’ve got a ton of stuff to talk about when it comes to pets, but here are some of the highlights we’ll be sure to touch on:

  • Pet health
  • How to help kids deal with losing a pet
  • Common behavior issues
  • What pets can do for kids

We’ll be sharing a few “hairy stories” about our own family pets, and Jennifer and Guy will tell you about the special pooches in their lives. Jennifer has a new standard poodle named Abbey. And Guy has a dog named Spencer who sounds like the life of every party. Tune in to hear more about those pups.

As you know, we’ve been publishing a monthly column called “Pet Parenting” for nearly a year now denise-photo.jpgbecause we know how important pets can become in a family’s life. Our writer for this feature, Denise Holmes (pictured right), is a pet behavior specialist and she is full of great advice for pet owners. Be sure to click on the Pet Parenting category (found under the Expert Advice heading on the right) any time you have a question about the furry “kids” in your life. Chances are, Denise has probably written about that very topic.

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Above: This collar might be a great choice for escape artists or dogs who keep losing their tags. Click on the photo above for more info on it. Pet expert Denise Holmes recommends putting your initial and last name and phone number on the collar instead of your pet’s name, to help ensure no one steals your pet by calling him or her by name.