How to get outfit inspiration on Instagram

I know most of us don’t need yet another reason to scroll Instagram. But… I have found a somewhat productive way to use it lately. If you want or need a new outfit idea (or ideas for how to put together outfits from things you already own), there are several Instagram accounts that give great tips.

I was watching a few reels from different Instagram fashion advisors last week and realized that I had the elements for a few great outfits in my closet, but I would never have thought of putting those things together. But when I saw the outfits modeled on the IG reel, it made perfect sense. Some of us (raising my hand) are not visual thinkers, so it really helps when someone who is visually gifted shows you how (and why) different pieces work together.

The great thing about Instagram is that you can find a fashion advisor for any budget and style. You’ll also find advisors of all different age ranges and body types. Many of the ones I follow are also moms.

You’ll know within minutes if the influencer you’re watching has a style similar to yours (or a style that you’d like to establish for yourself). Some IG fashion gurus specialize in clothing from certain stores (like Target, Amazon, Gap, thrift stores, etc.), and some of them mix it up.

I also like it when fashion advisors on social media do honest reviews of different products. For example, a year ago I bought a pair of Chelsea boots after seeing them reviewed by Merrick White on Instagram on her account MerricksArt. The boots fit perfectly and are now my new favorites for fall and winter. Best of all, they’re a classic, timeless style that I can see myself wearing for many years to come. Her account shows lots of different outfits to wear the boots with, too.

Here are three of my favorite Instagram fashion advising accounts, in case you want to check them out, too.

Do you have a few favorite IG fashion accounts? If so, please post the names in the comments below so we can see them, too!