Fashion: Collect outfit ideas in your Photos app

Mamas, I wish I was more of a “visual thinker.” Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who walks into my closet and just stands there staring at the clothes with no idea what to wear. I end up wearing the same things over and over simply because I don’t have the mental energy to think up a new idea.

So I finally let my iPhone do some of the thinking for me. I’ve started saving screenshots of cute outfits I like when I see things on Instagram, clothing websites, the Stitchfix app, fashion influencer websites, etc. I set up a folder in my photos app called “Outfit Ideas.

When it’s time to decide what to wear, I just scroll through the photos in that folder. Even though I might not have those exact clothing items in my closet, I usually have something close. For example, there’s a photo in there of a woman wearing a black and white striped tee under a faded denim jacket, paired with black joggers and white sneakers. It’s a visual reminder that I have those basic items in my closet, so I can put together a look like that, too.

This collection of screenshots is also a good reminder of what I’d like to have in my closet that’s not there — yet. If I’m shopping, I can scroll through the photos and see if there’s a wardrobe staple that I don’t have that could help expand my outfit options.

The pics also remind me of what colors look good together and photograph well.

If you’re like me and need a little help figuring out what to wear, I hope this screenshot idea helps you, too.