GREAT reason to get a massage

We’re entering the dreaded cold and flu season, and we all know that mamas don’t have time to be sick. So our ears perked up when we heard this report on The Today Show last week — five ways to AVOID getting a cold by naturally boosting your immune system. One of the five ways listed for avoiding colds is “Get a massage,” and we were thrilled to hear that news because now we can book a massage and call it cold prevention as well as a luxury! Studies show that getting a massage lowers cortisol levels in the body, and higher cortisol levels can weaken your immune system. Woo-hoo! Massage tables, here we come.

Here’s the complete list of cold-preventing practices:

  1. Take a daily probiotic like Culturelle. (There’s also a kids’ version.)
  2. Drink Green Tea
  3. Take a Vitamin D supplement
  4. Maintain Social Friendships
  5. Get a Massage!

Speaking of massage, the best all-time massages we’ve ever had happened at I.M. Spa on Block Street in Fayetteville and it’s our go-to place for pampering. Owner Wendy Finn works her magic, and we leave feeling like new women. You can book one for yourself by calling the spa at 479-251-7422. Or check out the full list of spa services by visiting the I.M. Spa website. Click here to see it.

See The Today Show video on cold prevention by clicking the “play” arrow below.