Great Day on the Farm!

Our friend and fellow blogger Heidi recently published a GREAT photo collage and description of the day she took her super cute 3-year-old to visit “The Farm,” operated by The Cobblestone Project. (The video above tells you more about The Farm as well as one of its corporate supporters, Great Day Farms.) We think a trip to The Farm would make a perfect outing for parents and kids this summer. (Be sure to call ahead so you’ll know when it’s a good time to visit. or click HERE to visit their Facebook page.)

Not only is it fun to get outdoors and see a real farm (conveniently located in town), your kids will also learn where food really comes from and how The Farm helps local people in need.

Here’s an excerpt and a few photos from Heidi’s blog post on her blog The Busy Nothings. (Click HERE to see the post in its entirety.)

Cobblestone is an actual working farm that has a sold-out program where locals can buy a basket of seasonal produce and free range eggs for themselves and then donate one to a family in need.

The Farm is located off one of the main roads in what seems to be in the middle of town, down a side road, then further down a dirt road. I was surprised at how “country” it felt being surrounded by trees yet still in town!

One of the coolest things, for me personally, on this trip was the fact I was able to show Bug WHERE vegetables come from, and he ate a strawberry freshly picked from the ground- he seemed in awe and like I must have been joking with him that the food we ate came from the ground.




Find out more about this amazing farm, how to volunteer and get on the waiting list for your own basket of amazing, fresh, all-natural produce!