Giveaway: Tickets to the Washington County Fair!


One of my family’s favorite Northwest Arkansas traditions is attending the Washington County Fair in Fayetteville.

For 13 years, we’ve visited the animals, walked through the exhibition halls, eaten ourselves sick on fair food and whirled and twirled on the rides.

Of course, the Washington County FairΒ  — which is the largest county fair in the state — has been running for much longer than 13 years. It was founded in 1857. How cool is that?

This year, the fair will be on Sept. 1-5. If you’d like to take your kids this year and have some tickets already in your pocket, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got $100 worth of fair tickets to give away!

Heads-up: It’s $5 for ages 6 and up to get into the fair except on Tuesday night when it’s only $2 (with a canned food item). The carnival midway opens at 5 p.m. every day, except for noon on Saturday.

ferris wheelHOW TO ENTER: If you’d like to win the $100 worth of tickets, just click on the words “leave a comment” at the bottom of this post and tell us your favorite memory from the Washington County Fair. If you’ve never been, tell us what you love about county fairs. The funny-looking chickens? The ferris wheel? The nostalgia?

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We’ll choose a winner on Friday afternoon, mamas! Good luck!

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Who doesn’t love the carousel? It’s one of our faves πŸ™‚


  1. I have two favorite moments! 1) Taking my oldest on the Ferris Wheel for the first time. He was three and thought it was the most wonderful ride ever! 2) I take all my kids through the animal barns, but one year my daughter was about 9 months old and in a stroller when we went into the poultry barn. She completely freaked out at all the noise, feathers and birds. To this day she doesn’t like chickens.

  2. No specific memories per se, but we always love going to this and any fairs we can. It’s always fun to get out as a family and look through the barns, admire the crafts people make, and ride the rides while stuffing our face with fried foods and overpriced drinks. πŸ˜‰

  3. I follow on Twitter, commented on Facebook, signed up for the newsletter and follow on Pinterest. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  4. A few of my favorite memories;

    Riding the Farris wheel with my now husband when we were in high school and walking the loop several times to see all of friends.

    Now we enjoy taking our 5 crazy kiddos to see the animals and ride the rides.

  5. My favorite memory is taking my daughter when she was 3 (now 9) to see the animals and ride her first ever rides. She kept going and going over and over again. She rode so much the guy didn’t make her have tickets, just let her stay on each ride. There wasn’t a line or anything. πŸ™‚ she’s usually gone to her dads when the fairs come around so she doesn’t get to go, but this year is different! She’s home with momma during these dates this year! I would love to win and be able to take her this year!

  6. In the 5 years I’ve lived in this area, I’ve yet to attend. I recently had hip surgery (last week) and would love to be able to send our kids out for some fun, while I’m stuck at home healing.

  7. Seeing the joy and excitement of kids eyes at animals, fair rides and last year, their art on display with ribbons!

  8. Haven’t been to the Washington County Fair but riding the Ferris wheel at carnivals is the best!

  9. I’ve never been to the Washington County Fair, but growing up we always went to the Crawford County Fair! I had friends who showed pigs and cows that we went to see, and we road every ride as many times as we could. It was a very small town with not much to do, so the county fair was a highlight of the year for us!

  10. Best memories are of riding a ride I believe was called the Himalaya or Himalayan with my sisters. Whoever was riding on the outside of the circle got smashed into the side of the car for the entire ride!!

  11. My favorite moment at the fair happened when our daughter was four. She fell in love with the goats and didn’t want to look at any of the other animals. She bent down to pet one of the babies and a goat from the next pen started chewing on her pigtail. I was trying to get the goat to let go, she was cracking up and the goat was holding on for dear life. Good times!

  12. I commented on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and Pinterest, and I get the newsletter!

  13. We’ve NEVER been! This would totally change that! (Following on Twitter @channynn too)

  14. We have not been before so this would be an awesome memory for my kids while we live here! We wanted to go last year and were sick and missed the entire thing. They would think the new experience was magical.

  15. I love the Washington County Fair. I have gone and shown at the fair as long as I can remember. Now I have the pleasure of being there all week as my kids show! The thing that I love most about the fair is the “family” that is created that week. Everyone helps each other! You have a special bond, some of these kids only see each other this time of year but it’s like they are always together!

  16. My favorite time of the year is during the Washington County Fair! My boys have shown animals the last 3 years and I enjoy spending the week there and showing off our projects that we’ve worked so hard on. I love being able to teach kids and families about animals and what things animals produce that we use or eat everyday.

  17. I’ve only ever gone to the Benton County Fair. I love looking around at the animals & eating a funnel cake! I follow yall on Facebook & Twitter.

  18. Havent been in years. would love to be able to take my son this year as a early birthday presant. The BIG 10!!!!!!

  19. As a child, all of the lights and activity were always so exciting. It was a big deal. I remember playing some of the fair games with my dad.

  20. I love the atmosphere at the fair! The rides, food, animals all make for a fun experience for anyone – young or not so young! I look forward to taking my 7 year old that I homeschool to see the animals and learn while having a great time!! The Washington County Fair always seems to quick off FALL for us – my favorite time of year!!

  21. The fair used to always come to town right around my birthday when I was a kid!! I just love all the lights, screams of joy and terror from the kids on the rides, and of course all the yummy food!!!

  22. Every year my parents would meet up with my aunt and uncle. All of the cousins would load up in the back of the truck and head to the fair. My cousin and I even got stuck on top of the ferris wheel once!

  23. 2 words: funnel cake. πŸ™‚ Watching the kids get excited over the rides, animals, and the games!

  24. I just love seeing my kids enjoy the same rides and games that I did πŸ™‚ I have probably only missed the Fair a handful of times in my life.

  25. My favorite memories through the years is watching my kids eyes light up when we walk through the gate and hear them talk about which rides they want to ride this year. Our oldest is 18 this year so it will be probably be the last time we all get to go as a family.

  26. One of my favorite memories is taking both my kids last year to the fair. It was my daughter’s first time and her big brother was the best with her on riding the rides. I loved watching them have a great time together!

  27. Love seeing the animals and seeing my kids faces when they got to hold and pet these “exotic” creatures.

  28. This may sound a little weird but the smells of the fair takes me back. Everything from all the aminal smells to the amazing food cooked by all the local clubs!. I love how the whole county comes out to support our children. It teaches them so much! Shout to the kids, parents and teachers for working so hard and taking pride in their organizations! Great job!

  29. My daughter is in 4-H in Washington County so we are at the fair every year for one reason or another. She has volunteered at the petting zoo since the start of it. Last year was her first time to show an animal and she had such a great time doing it

  30. Favorite memory is having to tell our little one that they could not eat what the animals eat, repeatedly.

  31. Have never been to the Washington County Fair, but would love to go with my 3 kids! I love the funnel cakes and my favorite ride was always the Super? Himalaya!

  32. I thought I was a big shot when I was eight years old. Was riding the Fairest wheel with a buddy. We were on the top and I was rocking it trying to scare him. When the bar came open and scared me to death. He laughed and laughed and I didn’t ride it again for five years. Every year he would ask me to ride it. He just wanted me to scream “no way”

  33. My favorite of the WCF has always been the entries of the kids animals and to see the activity of the kids working with their entry, showing their animals and seeing kids manage their animals. I like to see the young person actually take care of them and not having the parent do all the work. Shows their responsibility and commitment.

    Also love all the craft entries

  34. I love the Washington County Fair. I’ve gone almost evey year since I was little. The animals are of course my favorite! My best memory was entering my rabbit and winning a blue ribbon when I was in a 4H club.

  35. I love the fun houses with the twirling tunnels and mirror mazes….. Corn dogs…. and the look of terror on my little ones’ face that quickly turns to excitement as the ride starts to move! Love it!

  36. Love watching my little girl have a blast. Best memory was her face when a calf sucked her fingers. She was amazed and grossed out at the same time. It was great.

  37. While I have never been to the Washington County Fair, I always enjoyed the animals. Walking through the barns brings back very special memories. The fair was a big deal in my small town, and I would love to share that feeling with my granddaughters.

  38. I love the food! That’s the whole reason I go to the fair! πŸ™‚

  39. We always love to see all the animals. I can’t wait to take my youngest one this year.

  40. This would be my first year going to the Washington County Fair. I’ve lived in Louisiana most of my life and have always enjoyed the different parish fairs throughout fall. This year, I would be able to bring both my niece and nephew and would be able to act like a kid just like them. That’s the best part of being around kids and carnivals/fairs – having the kid come out in you. I know they would both love this fair as it would also be their first big fair as well. Their happiness makes my heart so fulfilled and I would love to see the joy on their faces at the Washington County Fair. Thank you.

  41. My favorite memory was from last year! My son brought in a blue ribbon for his prized rooster!

  42. I have been attending the Washington County Fair with my family since I was a very very young child and I’m now 30, woohoo me, I survived. I remember each year browsing through each and every livestock barn and craft barn with my dad would look at all the animals and all the crafts and it is definitely made me very educated woman today. when I was old enough to join FFA. my dad helped me get a duroc hog that I was able to show and now that makes me extra excited when I get to go to the fair because I really know what to look for. I look very forward to fair season and always get most excited about the Washington County Fair can’t wait to be there this year

  43. I have not been to the Washington County fair, but my son got to go with his Mimi several years ago when he was 2 or 3. I would love to take him now that he is 7 as well as my 4 year old. I know they would love it!

  44. My favorite memory is definitely eating my first giant corn dog while watching the kids show their animals.

  45. I have taken my kid’s pictures every year in the same spot since they were babies. 11years and counting! Love making memories with them!

  46. My 1st and most memorable experience at the fair was when I rode the gravitron. All I can remember was hearing “welcome to the jungle” and praying I didn’t throw up!

  47. My kids have never been to the Wash Co Fair, but I remember going as a child. I loved the carousel, the baby animals, and the funnel cakes!

  48. Funnel cake and the dime toss! Can’t miss either one when we go to the fair!

  49. I would love to win some tickets to the Washington County Fair for my children!!

  50. My favorite thing about the fair is the dart balloon game. When I was little I always won, so I thought I was lucky. I look forward to that game every year! We haven’t been to the Washington County Fair yet, but I would LOVE to take my kids this year!

  51. My kids LOVE the animals…the sheep wearing clothes (when it’s chilly), the crazy chickens with wild feathers, and of course the rides and food!!

  52. My favorite memory would have to be the food contests and of course all the livestock!! We love seeing what our FFA memebers are doing and all our 4H teams working so hard!! We love it and is one of favorite places to be every year!!

  53. My favorite memory of the fair was a couple of years ago, when my kids got their chance to go down the slides just as it started to rain. I have a photo, and the sheer joy on their soggy faces was priceless.

  54. My parents took us to the Washington county fair every year. I loved looking at the animals & riding rides with my cousin.

  55. I have never been, but I love fair FOOD! Yum! Also, my toddler would LOVE all the animals! πŸ™‚

  56. My kids and I went to the fair for the first time last year. The best part was seeing my young son’s face when he went on the derris wheel with me. He is a not scared of heights, so I was very proud of him for facing that fear. I’m so glad to have shared that moment with him.

  57. My grandparents always took me to the fairs when I was growing up. Now, I want to take my daughter to them so she can enjoy them as I did. I love everything about them. i love seeing the animals and people, listening to music, eating, playing, and laughing. I’d love to win this. I’d bring my nephew along and have lots of fun.

  58. I’ve never been to the Washington County fair but I love visiting county fairs. I love seeing the animal exhibits and the art and food exhibits. This would be an awesome prize to win. We’ve been so busy lately that we’ve had no time to play. Money has also been too tight. Thanks for the opportunity to win a night out for my family!

  59. My favorite memories of the fair are taking my grandsons, and having a great time watching them have fun!

  60. My favorite memory was taking our girls for the first time .. My then oldest was 3 years old and my youngest 8 days.. We try to go back yearly!! Just love that time of year!

  61. My favorite memory was from high school. My friends and I went to midnight madness every year and had so much fun. I always had to let my friend drive home because I was not used to staying up that late and got too sleepy to drive the 30 minutes home.

  62. I love going to the Washington county fair every year! We love to ride rides, play games, and of course eat the amazing fair food!! Who doesn’t love fried Oreos and funnel cakes!? And now my daughter is almost 3 so she enjoys it now as well!!

  63. My favorite memory of a county fair is when my brother, who was about 5 years old, won the greased pig catching contest. Those little kids were running around all willy nilly slipping off piglets.

  64. We went to midnight madness for my sister bday one year. It was a blast, 10 teen girls and rides. They also had karaoke and we sang and got a tape of it. Awesome memory!

  65. My favorite memory is taking my daughter when she was 3 or 4 and taking her on the Ferris wheel after she begged. I had to hide it from her that I was scared because I don’t ever want my kids to see my fear and let it keep them from trying something new… I survived and she had a blast!!

  66. My favorite memories are the lights on the midway, watching my children enjoy the chickens, rabbits and horses.

  67. I love taking my girls there! We e gone every year since they were little and only interested in the animals. Of course now the rides are the big attraction for them. And that killer lemonade out of the big lemon!!

  68. The tilt a whirl has got to be my favorite thing at the fair, followed by all the crafts and animals.

  69. I remember going to the midnight madness every year. My dad would work all day then take us to the fair and stay up til 4 or 5 in the morning to make sure that we got to go. I haven’t been in several years and have not taken my children but would love for them to experience it.

  70. My favorite memory was taking our daughter for the first time. When we went through the poultry barn she crowed at all the chickens and roosters. Can’t wait to take her this year.

  71. My parents took me to the Washington Co. fair every year for as long as I can remember…continuing the same tradition with my son. Love walking through the livestock barns, the rides, and seeing familiar faces. πŸ™‚

  72. My favorite fair visit was when my son (who is 28 and a father of 3 now) was 5 and weighed 40 lbs maybe and he entered our Santa getrudis cow in show competition. She was a 2000 lb cow and he led her in ,had her do all the required turns and stands, and won her class.

  73. We have never been to the Washington County Fair. Would be fun to take my daughter and not have to worry about how much things cost. Had to miss the Benton Co Fair but always next year

  74. We’ve never been but would love a chance to make some awesome memories with my husband and kids.

  75. I love the handwork. My granddaughter likes the crafty entries and the flowers but both kids would love the animals and the rides. It’s all about the rides for the kids!

  76. When someone let my then 5 year old daughter milk their goat and she shot goat milk all over my leg.

  77. I actually remember showing animals at the fair when I was in JR High 4H and now I share that memory w/my son who loves animals!

  78. My husband took me to the Washington County Fair as one of our first dates for my birthday which is on the 7th. I rode the swings and got violently ill I was so sick all the way home . That was 27 years ago. The next time we went we took our first little girl it was her first time to eat cotton candy and the weather was perfect I will never forget that night. With everything in such a rush these days it would be wonderful to slow down and enjoy a night outside at the fair with my entire family by my side. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  79. Best memories of the fair were times spent dragging my sweet Momma all over the place, ride after ride and the new memories of dragging my kids from ride to ride and begging them to ride. LOL

  80. I LOVE the fair!! We have 3 kids and recently started raising nigerian dwarf goats and I’m super excited to show our kids what they will be able to do with our goats at the fair in the coming years. My husband took me to the Wash Co fair back when we were dating and again last year when we moved back to Arkansas. We always have a good time. Commenting on fb, following on pinterest.

  81. Love the fair…. always can’t wait for it to come back next year before it’s gone….. me and my family always loves the animals, the rides and of course the fair corndogs. They are the best…. taking picture of our children having a blast each year making memories with them, they grow up so fast. The fun experiences they encounter.. we can’t hardly wait for September to come …. COME ON LET THE FAIR BEGIN!!!!!!

  82. Its been well over 2 decades since I attended the Washington County Fair. I was a kid then however I still remember the twister ride and getting sick. I vowed to never eat anything before getting on that ride again. Ironically, I never got on it again. Now that I have a 5yr old, I would love to share the fair experience with her as we have not gone together yet knowing she would be “too small” to ride several of the rides so we have waited.

  83. My 4 year old daughter loves the rides and the lawn mower pulls. She already has her lawn mower designed!

  84. i wish i may…i wish i might win this giveaway! please! it would be so much fun.

  85. I think my favorite moment was when my daughter was about 4 and we went and looked at all the animals. She was fascinated by the pigs! She and her brother also love to ride the Himalaya.

  86. I loved seeing my 4 year old’s face light up on the ferris wheel. We love seeing all of the animals, too.

  87. My favorite memory is being dropped off at the Wash Co Fair for midnight madness. All my friends & I would ride all the rides & have a great time!

  88. Wow! Where to start…We LOVE EVERYTHING about the fair. I, myself , is the biggest fair food junkie. Funnel cakes are where I go to first. lol. My youngest daughter loves the animals. She is a big pet lover. And yes all animals are pets to her. My boys love all the wild rides and get excited each year to see which ride is new. That is their first go to. We also enjoy the talent contests. With 8 kiddos this sure would be an awesome prize. Good Luck to all. Doing all the sharing, liking and following as well.

  89. I have only been abke to go once, and I had to squees in before close on the last night 2014. I’d just moved back and my son was sick that week. (Kintergarden germs!) The kids wanted to rude the ferris wheel so badly I gave in. 24 hours with no symptoms we drove all the way there so he and his sister could ride the ferris wheel. (After a generous and patient wait in line of course )
    They loved it and wanted more, I promised to return this year when we could see more than just the wheel!

  90. Would love to win tickets to give my grandchildren ages 2, 3, 4, and 6 a great Fair Experience. The two year old and three year old would be their first. My best experience is when my daughter and I and her 2 sons Keysean and Godking went. He was just a baby and my daughter was pregnant with their sister, My grandson Keysean and I rode the rides together and we had a picture taken of us with parrots on our shoulders. So, please draw my name.

  91. We would love to win! We have never been and I would love to take my daughter on the kiddie rides!

  92. We have been taking our daughter to the Washington County fair since she was two years old. Every year she looks forward to it and we do, too. We love looking at the animals and crafts, riding the rides, and seeing friends.

  93. Never been to the Washington County Fair, but love fair foods and just walking around enjoying the atmosphere!

  94. As a small child, my mother wanted me to feed a baby bunny, but I only wanted to go to those bright lights of the midway. The fair felt so BIG back then. Now we love to see the exhibits before checking out the midway. Free rides would be great.

  95. My favorite memories at the fair start from when I was a child who entered a wreath I made & won! I felt so special. My now husband and I went on a date to the fair a few times. Last my most important memory is taking my own daughter to see all the animals! The fair has been a fun part of my life.

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