Giveaway: Win tickets to see “Go, Dog, Go!” at Walton Arts Center

Have we got any Go, Dog. Go! fans in the house???

We thought so! And we’ve got 4 FREE tickets to the show on January 19th, courtesy of our long-time sponsor Walton Arts Center!

From big dogs and little dogs to red, green and blue dogs, dogs going up and dogs going fast…who knew dogs were so busy? This story by P.D. Eastman has been a go-to favorite for families for over fifty years, leaving audiences of all breeds wagging their tails with delight. Now, Walton Arts Center’s artistic affiliate Trike Theatre, brings the story to life on stage! Featuring a local cast of professional actors, Go, Dog. Go! is full of fun surprises, colorful costumes and bouts of laughter, sharing lessons about diversity, love and individuality.

There are three performances on Saturday, January 19th and three performances on Saturday, January 26th. *The show on Jan. 19 at 10 am is a relaxed performance to serve adults and children with sensory-input disorders, autism or other developmental or cognitive disability, as well as anyone who might feel uncomfortable attending a typical live theater performance. Please click here to learn more.

If you for sure don’t want to miss seeing the show, go ahead and grab your tickets now. They’re only $9 for kids and $15 for adults.

Best for ages 4+


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Then write a quick comment telling us about your child’s favorite animal — or family pet.

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Tickets are $9 for kids and $15 for adults and can be purchased in-person at the Walton Arts Center Box Office, by calling 479.443.5600 or by visiting You also can get reserved parking for $7 when you purchase your show tickets.


  1. My children love cows. Their favorite activity in the fall is feeding the cows at Farmland Adventure.

  2. My daughter’s dearest stuffed friend is “Bear.” For years, we thought him to be a bear. Recently, though, he seems to be going through an identity crisis. For the last few weeks, “Bear” has been insisting that he is a dog.

  3. My daughter, Magnolia’s favorite animal is her stuffed animal “Bear-Dog” (it’s a bear dresses as a dog). He was given to her the day she was born and is {almost} always by her side!

  4. My daughter’s favorite pet is a cat. She has a stuffed cat that looks just like our orange tabby that she has slept with since she was a baby. She’ll be 5 later this month.

  5. First, I have read this story a MILLION times, my son loves it; he also really loves to torture our old cat (Allie Cat) by pulling his tail, chasing him around, mocking him…he also loves that old cat because he has recently started mimicking his cat like behaviors by meowing, rubbing his head on things, purring, and cleaning hisself. It’s never boring!

  6. One of my kiddos likes wolves while another likes T-rexes. My daughter’s favorite animal varies all the time! They’d love to see this play!

  7. Loves our beta fish named “Coo-Kak Sperry”…our daughter named it when she was 3 years old all on her own…now at age 6, she still loves the little blue fish and talks so cute to it.

  8. We Love reading this book!
    My 4 year old has it memorized and she
    would Love to watch this show!

  9. My kiddos loved our sweet little Bella. She was the best family dog and was with us for 13 years.

  10. Our favorite animals are our dogs, our golden lab Max and shorkie Gracie!

  11. My 4 boys love all animals! Among our “pets” are chickens, turkey, goats, sheep, pigs, dogs, and cats. The sheep and goats are definite favorite outdoor pets but our cats are the favorite indoor pet amongst the children.

  12. My grandkids love”ALL pets and have an array of pets to prove it! Chickens, hamsters, dogs, cats, birds, snakes and anything else they can talk their parents or me in to! I’d love to take them to see this!

  13. We love dogs. Our dog is named Laine and she is my daughters best friend. They do everything together.

  14. My boys are definite animal lovers, but of course our family dog, Moose, is there favorite!

  15. We have a 10 yr old female dog named Sadie. Shes everyones favorite. She is big (possibly a sharpe/doberman mix) and lazy and doesnt raise too much fuss over much except food. She likes to eat. HAHA. We adopted Sadie from the animal shelter and she is nothing but a big ol’ love bug.

  16. Our two favorite pets Carley and Wyatt!! They are our family dogs and we couldn’t love them more! Would love to win!

  17. Ian’s favorite animal is a baby Guinea pig! He pretends he is one all the time!

  18. My daughters favorite pets are our cat, tigger and her hamster, bingo. She loves animals and would have a dozen if I would let her!

  19. My 6 year old daughter has a stuffed animal she calls Bunny-corn. It’s A mix between a bunny and a unicorn with wings

  20. Gorillas, Giraffes and Goldendoodles are favorites in our house! I guess “G” is our favorite letter 😂

  21. My daughter just informed me her favorite animals are a giraffe, an elephant, and a lion.

  22. Dogs are my daughter’s very favorite. She talks about them constantly, and frequently pretends to be one. She is dog crazy.

  23. My in-laws have a big farm, including two donkeys: Jack and Jill. My girls love. I thing more than to visit those sweet babies!

  24. My children are grown now but all have dogs as pets and my granddaughter also has a cat she adores!

  25. I don’t think my kids have met an animal they didn’t like. I’d say their favorite’s are cats, dogs, guinea pigs!

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