Giveaway: Tickets to Polo in the Ozarks!

Note from the mamas: Congratulations to Julie Brannon, winner of the four Polo in the Ozarks tickets!

Woo-hoo! It’s giveaway time again! We always like to bring giveaways to Northwest Arkansas  mamas which pass our strict test: they must have the “wow” factor. This one has definitely got it.

We’re giving away FOUR “gala package” adult tickets to attend the whole day of Polo in the Ozarks events on Saturday, Sept. 10  — a $300 value! Wouldn’t this make an awesome double date or fabulous Girls’ Night Out? We think so.

ABOUT THE EVENT: Not only does it feature the area’s only polo match, the Polo in the Ozarks event also includes tailgate parties, dinner and dancing under the stars, children’s activities, and both live and silent auctions. Tickets for the Polo match are $15 for Adults and $10 for children. The Gala package, which includes the match and dinner are $75 for adults and $25 per child.

Kids six and under are free and there’s a petting zoo, pony rides and all kinds of kid-focused activities. There’s actually a drop-off area for kids with supervision provided during the gala.

With almost 2,000 attendees every year, Polo in the Ozarks is Northwest Arkansas’ longest running charitable event, benefiting Life Styles, Inc.– a nonprofit supporting adults with disabilities in Washington and Benton counties since 1976.

The gates open at 4 p.m. and starts with the silent auction, tailgate parties and children’s activities. The polo match begins at 4:30 and the gala begins at 7. The gala includes a live auction and dinner is provided by Spring Street Grill. Dancing under the stars courtesy of Big’Uns.

The theme this year will again be Polo around the World and each tailgate pair will be assigned one of the 77 countries that have Polo Clubs.

HOW TO ENTER: Click on the orange comment button below and answer this question: When you think of polo, what immediately comes to mind? Polo makes us think of Prince William, cool hats or that one scene in Pretty Woman. The Northwest Arkansas polo event is more family fun than super-fancy, though, and supports a great cause!

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: As always, we reward those mamas who help us spread the good word about giveaways here on Just email your friends about this opportunity and we’ll give you an extra chance to win for every friend you tell. Be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you proper credit. Couldn’t be easier.

If you want to buy Polo in the Ozarks tickets now, click here to order tickets online.

Good luck in the giveaway! (Remember that all our drawings are completely random, so anybody can win!) Have a great week!


  1. Polo brings to mind when I was in the 7th grade, and every boy walking had taken a bath in the cologne. Also the clothing line comes to mind.

  2. Polo makes me think of the royal family in England. I see pictures of Prince William and Prince Harry riding with their father Prince Charles in magazines and tv.

  3. I think of horses…and since I’ve never watched Polo being played…curiosity about the game.

  4. Polo makes me think of equestrian favorite thing was wearing english riding pants- btw they are in fashion this fall! I also Loved the horses… Until one bit me!

  5. The movie “Pretty Woman” and Julie Roberts at the polo match and the announcer says “Watch out for the steaming divits!” I’ve never been to a polo match, but would love to go.

  6. I think of aristocratic young men romping before a crowd of well-dressed spectators wearing fancy hats when I think about polo.

  7. When I think of polo 2 things come to mind; beautiful horses and my husbands water polo picture form High School.

  8. When I think of Polo, I always thing how I can’t ever play it. I’m left handed, so I’m completely excluded from that sport!! Not that I’ve ever had the opportunity, but I’m a little upset that if the opportunity did arise for me to play I’d have to say no. LOL! So I guess I’m relegated to watching matches…so I should probably win the tickets!! 🙂

  9. When I think of Polo I think of big, quick horses and that tiny ball they are all going after. So exciting! I’d love to go;-)

  10. I think of Pretty Woman, horses, and what looks like a fun sport to watch! Would LOVE to win the free tickets so my husband and I could have a double date with some friends!

  11. The horses are truly awesome to watch….love them…it’s an exciting event that people really should be exposed to….tickets would be a great surprise!

  12. When I hear the word “polo,” I think of stomping divets, Prince William and horses.

  13. When I hear the word polo I immediatley think of beautifully manicured green grass in a large open field, with the sound of galloping horses!

  14. When I think of polo, I think of beutifully manicured green grass fields with the sound of galloping horses! Ah, nice!

  15. Polo? I think of the cologne that every junior high boy would bath themselves in back in the day. Oh, and the only kind of shirts my hubby wears. 😉 But seeing horses could be fun too! haha!

  16. When I think of “Polo” I think of big pretty hats and horses. I love watching it on TV and have never been to a match before. This would be an exciting event to attend!

  17. Ralph Lauren……….. 🙂 Sounds like a FANTASTIC pkg! A really fun event!

  18. My daughter Ruby just picked out a big hat….It looks like one of the hats the ladies wear at the horses. I was joking with her and telling her we were going to the Ky Derby…She needs a place to wear her hat…lol

  19. When I think of Polo I think of Pretty Woman. I would definitely have to get a dress with a matching hat if I won, that would be so fun!

  20. When thinking of polo it reminds me of Carol Hart who founded Life Styles. She deserves to have a horse named for her. Her contribution to Northwest Arkansas can never be measured or adequately rewarded.

  21. When I think of Polo I think of Polo in the Ozarks and the first time we went! My husband surprised me for my birthday! It was the best!!!! I would love to go again!!

  22. It makes me think of The Real Housewives of NY! Remember the episode where they went to the polo match?!

  23. A family friend that was like a Grandfather to me. When he was a young man he played Polo. I miss him so.

  24. The cologne all of the boys wore when I was in HighSchool, the movie Pretty Woman, and a sport I’d like to play sometime!

  25. Well of course I think of the best movie ever – Pretty Woman! And it would be hard not to think of Prince William as well!

  26. Wow! This giveaway is unbelievable! I didn’t even know we had this event in our area. Our family needs a day off to do something fun like this that none of us have ever experienced before! My two children both love horses so much! What a present this would be for our whole family!

  27. Of Course – “Pretty Woman”
    I have been to the Polo match before and really enjoyed it! However, this year it is on my birthday! What an awesome way to celebrate! My favorite part? Stomping the divots.

  28. Pretty Woman for sure! I have never been to a polo match, but have always dreamed of having my Julia Roberts moment 🙂

  29. I would like to see a polo match and see what it is all about in person!!

  30. Pretty Woman and yes hats for miles!! Throw in a fun drink in hand!!If I win this it is @ GNO for sure!!

  31. The smell of horses. No, not manure, but the smell these amazing creatures have as they run and play hard. You can tell they’re having as much fun as the humans.

  32. I think lifestyles is a great place, and they are doing so many great things for this community.

  33. okay, polo, sorry about not answer the question asked. It reminds me of people that are willing to give back, and pretty dresses and large hats, that women are not allowed to wear anywhere else.

  34. The word Polo always makes me think of boarding schools! I’ve never even visited a boarding school, but in my imagination, the kids who live there wear fancy uniforms, maybe even have elegant accents, and play polo!

  35. Polo makes me think of when I worked for AT&T wearing a polo shirt to work everyday

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