Giveaway: Tickets to LEO at Walton Arts Center

Are your kids climbing the wall lately? Here’s an idea. Take them to see a show where the star really does climb the walls — literally. LEO hits the Walton leo stage show1Arts Center stage this Friday, February 21st at 8 p.m.

(We’ll notify the winner of the four tickets on Thursday morning so you’ll have a day to make plans. Please keep an eye on your inbox for an email from us!)

This week we’re giving away FOUR tickets to what is perhaps the most unique stage show you’ll ever see. LEO is a one-man show that makes you forget the laws of gravity and enter a new world. The show blends physical theater, acrobatics, animation as well as a fun interplay of live performance and video projection.

You and the kids will be wondering how in the world LEO did what he did, even hours after the show has ended. This award-winning production has been amazing audiences in New York, Berlin, Montreal and in cities all over the world.

In its review, the New York Times said, “The audience gets gravity-defying spectacle and the wizard behind the curtain at the same time.”

Since this is one of those “have to see it to believe it” type of shows, here’s a short video clip from LEO.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the hat for the FOUR tickets to see LEO, click the words “post a comment” below and tell us about some of the leo adways your kids like to “climb the walls.”

Do they get rowdy by running laps around your kitchen? Do they make the bed into a trampoline? (For example, one time when my daughter was 3 years old, I walked into the room to find her hanging by her fingertips off the top of a window casing. She had climbed a wing-back chair to get there and was awfully proud of her daring feat. Nearly scared the life out of me.)

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TICKET INFO: Click HERE or call the Walton Arts Center Box Office at 479-443-5600 for more info on tickets to the show. This is going to be a FUN show for the whole family, so don’t miss this one!

Good luck in the giveaway!



  1. My son likes to use his bare feet and toes to climb up the door frames in the house. I follow you on Twitter and Pinterest.

  2. Around our house its a constant ninja/jedi battle. Running, lightsabers, hiding around corners with the intent to scare an unsuspecting victim. Being homeschoolers we have ample time together daily so there is a lot of craziness in our household. But, we also love theatre and this show looks right up our alley. Hope we win!

  3. Our son loves to climb up the kitchen cabinet using the drawer pulls as steps. Then, he likes to “balance” on the divider in the sink. I do believe he is part monkey.

  4. My son literally climbs the walls in the hallway by placing a hand and a foot on each side and walks his way up.

  5. When our daughter was little she used to climb the door frames in our house with her feet. She also used to hang a rope from the ceiling fan and swing 🙂 Glad she survived that one. LOL

  6. Our problem is not what gets our son, Max, wound up – everything does. The question is what are we going to do about it. We have run 20 laps around the car when we cannot settle down as we are driving. We have burned energy off on the tread mill at home. We have practiced breathing techniques and self talk. No, we never have to worry aobut him climbing the walls. Our question is…How do we get him down?

  7. This would be the perfect pressie for me to give 4 of my 5 munchkins! I’m taking my 7 year old to a dance comp and the oldest could take the other 3

  8. My girls like the wrestle with their dad and do cartwheels in the livingroom!

  9. Our girls love to jump off the bed to daddy. They also enjoy chasing the dog around the house 🙂

  10. My son likes to leap around the living room without touching the floor. He jumps from one piece of furniture to the other.

  11. My 3 y/o loves to put her baby in her stroller, and race around the kitchen wall (it makes a circle of runway around the living room, kitchen, dining room, entryway)…. as fast as she can. 🙂 She yells “beep beep Mommy, move out of the way!!!” Good times!!

  12. My girls have climbed the walls in the hallways and door frames. Once my daughter was climbing the wall in her sleep!! She was using the netting from the canopy above her bed as a rope similar to acrobatics that perform on silks in the circus. I heard a noise and thought she might have fallen out of bed. I walked in just in time before she fell and ripped the canopy out of the ceiling!

  13. My daughter loves to push a kitchen chair around the house to use to climb up on the counters and to get things off the top of bookshelves! Our king size bed is also a favorite spot to jump! I follow on twitter & Pinterest!

  14. We had to put a lock on our pantry door when my daughter was four because we would constantly catch her climbing to the top of the shelves to sneak snacks.

  15. My 4 girls like to sing & dance throughout the house in their dress-up clothes.

  16. My kiddos love building a fort with the dining room table, all the chairs they can round up in the house and sheets and blankets. When its complete my entire dining room is one big fort! Then mom is usually let w/ cleaning it all up!

  17. Our son is more of a verbal wall climber, so to speak. When he gets restless, he is usually very vocal about it, and can just talk and talk!

  18. My daughter, thankfully, is too cautious to climb the walls or get into dangerous situations. She’d much rather watch someone else get into mischief!

  19. my daughter is not much of a climber, but she is a dreamer with an artistic soul who I think would enjoy this show very much.


  20. Both of my boys love to use my bed as a trampoline and wreastling mat! They get great joy by flinging themselves back into the covers and rolling around. They laugh and laugh, spurring each other on. It is quite cute and I have not found the heart to make them stop yet. 🙂

  21. My son loves to jump off the couches. He lets a helium balloon go and then jumps from the couch to see if he can catch it.

  22. it never fails if we go to a motel they jump on the beds and from one to another

  23. It hasn’t literally been the walls, just mostly furniture that she climbs on/over/around.

  24. Both my kids like to sit on the top of the couch. Or get onto their dad’s shoulders and run around the house really fast. I follow you on Facebook.

  25. My son and daughter like to Spider-Man up the walls by getting in a hallway or in a corner and putting one foot and one hand on one wall and the other two on the other. They are up to the ceiling in no time and momma has to clean footprints off of the walls.

  26. my 17 month old likes to climb into the dishwasher while it’s open, then go up to the counter tops straight to the cookie jar!

  27. No place seems to be off limits for my kiddos when it comes up climbing. Mathilda, my 6 year old, loves up climb trees more than anything! Crosby, my 1 year old, seems to think climbing the stairs is the bees knees 🙂

  28. Well, pillow fights are always a great way to burn off some energy and produce a great many giggles…followed by popcorn. Usually they are more settled after that.

  29. They use chairs, cushions, booster seats too- to climb on counters and find treats/snacks!

    • And I comment on your Facebook posts, follow twitter and going to email too!
      This would be such fun!

  30. My son climbs the “walls” ALL the time! He never sits still, is always moving. When he plays video games he gets so excited and starts jumping in place. He can’t sit still lol! When he was little he would just run all around the house when we got home because he was so excited to be home! Now he has a little sister and as soon as she starts walking watch out!!

  31. Mine love to climb up wide door- jams. Jumping down from way up high just adds to the fun.

  32. I caught my 2 year old standing on top of my 1 year old and they were both laughing about it!

  33. Lil! I have 6yr old twins we climb the walls around here a lot. My twins like to climb up to the top bunk bed to reach there BRM window and hang out on the window

  34. I have the “usual” climbers at my house. The door frames, the trees, the furniture. I have found my seven year old shimmying down the shower curtain rod like you would the monkey bars. THIS is the PERFECT show for him!

  35. All my boys love to climb the doorways in the house and anything else that can possibly be climbed. Gotta love ’em!!

  36. My daughter likes to dance, run, leap, skip and whatever else she can think of.

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