Father’s Day Giveaway from Second Elm

Father's day giveaway collage3Father’s Day is coming up quickly, and we all know how important a good daddy is. There’s nothing quite like watching your kids’ eyes light up when their dad comes home or when he tickles them at bedtime or gives them a compliment.

To help you kick-start your Father’s Day shopping, we’re partnering with Second Elm on this “It’s Great to Be a Dad” package. It includes ALL of the items you see in the photo above, which adds up to a retail value of more than $450!! Woo-hooo!

Second-Elm-Logo-1Here’s a closer look at each of the items shown above. Your guy will flip out if he opens these gifts on Father’s Day and he can use these items all summer!

1. Yeti Rambler 30 oz. Tumbler

2. Yeti Roadie cooler

3. Yeti Trucker Hat

4. Yeti Rambler 30 oz. Tumbler

5. Keep It Reel hat by Life Is Good brand

6. Gift card for Second Elm shopping

7. NWA tshirt (you pick the size and color)

8. ENO Hammock

9. NWA tshirt (you pick the size and color)

father day bundleGift idea: If you’re not lucky enough to win the package above, you can still get some awesome gear for Dad from Second Elm. Right now the shop is offering a Father’s Day inspired gift bundle that includes a black-on-black Yeti trucker hat, Yeti  20 oz. tumbler with handle and a Tarpon beverage entry tool — priced at $49.99. If you call ahead or order online, they’ll have it wrapped and ready for you to pick it up! Easy peasy.

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win the Second Elm “It’s Great to be a Dad” Package, click on the word “comments” (right under the headline of this post) and scroll down to the bottom of the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment telling us about something you LOVE about the dad in your life. Is he always there when you need him? Does he make you and the kids laugh? Does he make you feel safe and loved?

You can also email your answer to us at giveaways@nwaMotherlode.com.

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  1. I love my dad b/c he’s sweet and funny and caring and an all around great dad!

  2. I’m lucky to have three great dads in my life. My husband is such a hands-on, fun dad and…he cleans! My dad is the ultimate role model. And my father-in-law is one of the best men I know.

  3. He’s present, always present and never distracted. His free time is spent with his family because he knows they won’t be little forever. His love for Jesus, work ethic, and selflessness are something I desire to duplicate. Blessed to call him ours. ❤

  4. I would love to give this amazing gift package to my well deserving husband. He is such an incredible dad to our 2 kids (and another on the way). He works so hard at work to help provide for our family, and he is always helping around the house and being so wonderful with our kiddos! We love him so very much and know he would appreciate and love these gifts!

  5. I will always love my dad because no matter what we had done, how deep into to it we had gotten, or how often it happened, he has relentlessly been there doing whatever was necessary to lift us out of it. Even after we lost mom. He is the backbone of this disfunctional yet tight knit family. And I wouldn’t be the man I am today without him.

  6. My Dad is my hero!! Being a single Mom of three outgoing and busy kids I sometimes have those MOM-ENTS where it gets so overwelming I just need some fresh air! My Dad never hesistates to be there…to have those encouraging words….big bear hugs….and kleenex to wipe my exhausted tears away. He makes those hard days seem like easy ones and always knows how to make us all laugh. He is a amazing DAD and PAPA to all of kids! #number1Dad!!!!!

  7. My husband is the best dad to our son sperry and our soon to be son (coming in September). He constantly makes us laugh, prays for us, loves us well, and provides for us in every way!!we are blessed by him!

  8. I love my Dad because I know he is only a phone call away to help me fix my life problems even as an adult, and I love my seeing my husband as a dad as hes always trying to make my son laugh and smile!

  9. I love that my dad will help me with anything. We both help eachother when the other one needs it!

  10. I’m so grateful for a dad who was always there and encouraging me achieve my goals. I’m also grateful for a husband who does the same for our children.

  11. My husband really deserves a treat – I broke my leg a few weeks ago, and he’s workung like crazy trying to keep up with his 2 jobs, our small business, AND our 2 year old daughter. He’s making it look easy but I know it’s hard on him!

  12. My husband is an amazing dad. He juggles counseling for a local agency, taking shifts as an on call counselor and makes time with our kids a big priority. He definitely deserves a Dad award. ☺️

  13. I would love to win this for my husband. He is both an amazing husband and father to our son. I’m so thankful for him. He works incredibly hard for our family and because of him I am lucky enough to be able to stay home with our son. We just started a new family tradition of camping with our 4 year old son and these items would be perfect for their fishing/camping adventures. Fingers and toes crossed I win this for him. I also followed you on Instagram (Leenie022) and commented on FB.

  14. I love my dad as he has always provided for our family. Hardworking and always caring.:) ❤️

  15. My husband has always been super involved in whatever the kids are doing. He cooks, he cleans, and he does an awesome job of taking care of us.

  16. Would love for my husband to be able to enjoy this package! He works incredibly hard, volunteers a lot of his free time to do something he loves, and always makes his family the first priority.

  17. What can I say? My dad has been there for me through some great times and through some very trying times. My grandfather is a rock, meaning more a creature of habit than a sturdy presence, but it’s nice to know what you have. And my husband seems to be a pretty good guy 😉 too.

  18. I’m writtng this for 2 very special dads (they can share). My dad and my sons stepfather.
    In a quick nutshell, my sons father passed away during my pregnancy so he never got to meet him. He’s always had that missing feeling you know?
    For The first 3 year my Father, Frank was the best male role model I could ask for, for him. He’s always helped when my son has needed something, he comfoted him when he couldnt be soothed, hes gotten him involved in sports, something I’m not good at at all.
    I met Chris when my son was 3ish. We are getting married in 7 months. This Man stepped up when others “didn’t want to bother” because “its not his kid.” Broke my heart. He’s been in our lives for almost 4 years now. He sticks up for him, has lunch with him at school and teaches him car things. My son has wanted to start calling him dad.
    Both of these dads have been there for my son, helped him grow, taught him “guy” things and think of them as their own son’s. Something he needed and wanted more than anything!
    I couldn’t ask for a better husband/father for my son than Chris or a better Father/Papaw for my son than Frank.

  19. I love and admire how my husband always takes time to listen to and play with our kids. They will never be able to say that their Dad was too busy to be there for them!! And he genuinely has so much fun playing with them in the yard, going on a bike ride, or just running around doing errands.

  20. I was blessed to be raised by an amazing father, and my kids are going to be able to say the same! My husband makes us laugh every day and keep things lighthearted in the house

  21. My husband is a wonderful day to our to children. He goes above and beyond for them. I couldn’t have asked for a better father for my children.

  22. My husband is awesome! He cooks for us, loves us even when we are grouchy, provides for us, and is always very patient with us. He loves doing things with our kids and teaches them a variety of things! He would love to win this giveaway!

  23. I would love to win this for my husband! He is the best dad! He loves our four kids fiercely. He works hard to provide for them. He reads to them and prays with them every night before bed. He pursues them and works hard to understand each of their different personalities. He is amazing! And he loves their mama (me 🙂 well!

  24. Dad is just one of those guys – you know, the one who puts everyone before himself and never complains about it. I’ve never once seen my Dad turn anyone down when they ask him for help. He gives so much and expects so little. I’m humbled to be called his daughter and I pray that I can be as much of a blessing to him as he is to me.

  25. My step-dad has been a great addition to my family since my dad passed away. He’s a caring husband, father and grandfather.

  26. I am writing for my kids step dad. I have 3 kids and was a single mom for a few years. My new husband stepped in to help raise teenagers and be the father they were missing in their lives. He adopted them and has been amazing to watch. He filled the void they had and I would love to thank him with this gift.

  27. My husband is an awesome father to my kids. They would be very excited to be able to give their father a great gift that he deserves.

  28. My husband is a great dad to our three boys. He spoils them rotten, and makes them laugh everyday. I’d love to win this to give him to know he’s appreciated.

    I follow NWAMotherlode on FB, Insta, and Twitter. I also love to hear you on the radio each morning.

  29. My kids see how their father, even at impossibly busy moments, does what it takes to give time to them: time for a board game (modeling patience and focus), time for playing outside (emphasizing good health and sense of “team”), and time for talk (to find out how life is going at school). He’s the one who calms them and shows them it’s going to be okay. He brings the balance, and I know that takes work and thought amidst the daily load. We see that, and it teaches us how giving back is so important, even if it’s just a hug.

  30. My Dad has always been there for my sister and I and now he is helping raise our kids by just being a great grandfather. My mother and father both moved up to NWA to be closer to their grandkids and I am so happy they did. I appreciate them both and would love to show them how much we care with a gift this awesome!

  31. We love our dad, my husband, for so many reasons. He makes us laugh, he loves and takes care of us, and he prays for us. It’s hard living in a house full of females when you grew up as one of four boys, but he does it so well!!!

  32. The dad in our lives is a hard working police officer who rarely takes a break for himself. This giveaway would really make his day and give him a big smile. Thank you for doing this !

  33. My husband is such a great dad. He’s very active in our children’s lives – taking them to activities, going to band concerts, teaching them how to do things, and being a great role model.

  34. Just some of the special things about my husband is that despite having terrible role models for fathers, he has been an amazing dad who has been a hands-on dad right from the get go. He couldn’t feed them when they were first born, but he was sure changing diapers and doing all the other things. He had doubts before the children were born, but he has really risen to the occasion. As a husband, he has always been there for me for more than 25 years. And we can now see the proof of our parenting as our sons are now adults (21 and 24) and amazing young men.

    My husband is one who can never sit still. He is always tinkering. I stopped to figure it out one day. Of all the things that he has fixed from cars to plumbing to even remodeling, he has saved us approximately $4 – $5/year. Figure it out. Over the years, he has saved us somewhere between $100K – $125K over the years!

    He is quick to joke and lighten the mood. He is there for all of us. He has enriched our lives in ways that are hard to describe. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to put it into words.

  35. If I won this package I would have to split it up between my awesome husband and my wonderful dad!
    Hope they win it! They deserve it!

  36. My amazing hubby is the best dad around! We have 2 teenage kiddos that think the world of him. He is a Lt for a local police dept. He gives his ALL for his family and city. He deserves the world!!

  37. My husband is the best father i know! He took care of absolutely everything while I was fighting brain cancer. It was a really hard time in our lives and he really stepped up to the plate. I would not have made it through without him or my Heavenly Father!!

  38. I always knew my husband would be an incredible father, but it was when we actually had children that I was given the opportunity to watch him in action. My husband is the most genuine, caring, loving, devoted father. He loves our little girls, and would do anything for them. From crafts, to recitals, to fishing, to applying nail polish, this man has no limits. He cares about the small moments and makes memories everyday. Myself and my little ladies are blessed to have him in our lives ❤️❤️❤️

  39. My husband is awesome! He is more hands on with the kids than any dad I know. He always listens and plays with the girls. He is never too busy for any of us. He gives us love, security and fun!

  40. My husband is an amazing father to our two children. He balances our family and keeps things light and fun when life gets busy. He is generous and kind. He invests his time in all of us and we love him for it.

  41. I love my dad because he has unconditional love, no matter what has happened in our lives his love has never waivered, I have made questionable decisions and no matter he has always been there with advice and even when I didn’t take it his live didn’t change, he supported me through everything, he supports everything I do and expressed how proud he is all the time, he takes time every single night to call me and talk and tell me goodnight, yes I am 31, but not a single day goes by that we don’t talk, to me that is huge! He is the best papa too, he plays with my son and teaches him and involves him in everything he does, he is the least selfish person I know and never does for himself, he always takes care of everyone else first! So he would never get himself anything like this so it would be really nice to be able to show him how special he is. Although nothing could ever be enough for what he has done for me and my family!

  42. I have the best dad in the world. He is now 92 and was in Army when we were in war. I am so proud of him and all he has tough me in life. Also my hubby is a fantastic dad to our adopted son and now to our 3 grand daughters. He is always handy and around to pick them up and take them out. He has helped me through the years. Both of the “dads” in my life are true keepers

  43. Both my father and father-in-law passed away almost 9 years ago, so the dad in my life is my husband who is father to our 4 young children. He’s always working hard (2 jobs!) to provide for us and rarely gets a break. His love for our children is the best thing about him!

  44. So proud that my husband is a great father! He makes sure to keep us happy! Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  45. My hubby is a hard worker and loves to help others. He has such a servants heart and is a good example to our children in the importance of service to others.

  46. My dad has always been there for me… whether I’m 2, 22 or my current (unspoken) age!!

  47. My Dad is great working hard for the family and now that I am working too, he has helped more with the house and kids!

  48. My husband has always had time for his kids and grands. He puts us all before himself

  49. I am throwing my husbands name in the hat for this one….. because his kids (and me- the wife) feel really LUCKY. This time last year he was about to embark on Chemo to start the fight against his stage 4 Testicular Cancer…..then colon cancer…..think we are on the other side of it now. But its been a long year. I just feel lucky that he is still around and I can fill out this Comment and hope to win a prize for him. Have a Great Summer- everyone in this house will!

  50. My dad’s name is Donnie. I have heard people say “He would give you the shirt off his back” and my dad is the epitome of that phrase. He is a “Pepaw” who always has time to take you fishing, hunting or just for a walk. I am proud of my dad for being a dad to my girls when their dad wasn’t there. He truly deserves to be honored not only on Fathers Day but everyday.

  51. My husband is an amazing partner and daddy to our 2 girls! He works outside the home to ensure we are well taken care of and have all our needs (and wants) met. Even though he works hard, he always makes time to give that special, quality time to each of our children. He is a great role model to our girls in showing them how a good, Godly man is suppose to treat their partner/wife and how to provide for your family..

  52. LOVE my daddy!!! He has always been there for me and always held me to a high standard to ensure I am successful. I also have an amazing husband who is a wonderful father that is very deserving of all of this and more!

  53. My husband is the BEST dad–I couldn’t have picked a better guy! He always takes initiative and jumps in when needed. He probably changed more dirty diapers than I did. HA! He’s very hands-on and we can always count on him. Rarely does he miss an activity, sporting event or school performance and if he does it’s because he’s working and we know he will make it up to us. He wants our boys to have everything he didn’t when he was growing up, but he knows when to discipline too.

  54. My dad has always gone above and beyond for me and my siblings. We all have families of our own now and he continues to do for his grand-kids as he did for his kids

  55. I would love to win this for my husband . He is a fun dad to our two girls, he works hard & is dedicated to his daughter’s future well being. I think there is enough to share the winnings with my own father who is a strong, determined & kind soul.

  56. My husband is a great dad. He works very hard to provide for the family. He also always makes sure to spend time with his daughters.

  57. My dad is incredible because he always has an answer for any question you may have and there is literally nothing he can’t fix!
    I don’t know what I would do without him!!!
    I love him to pieces!!

  58. My husband is such an amazing dad. He works so hard to support and be there for us all. He gets up with the kids at night and helps them when they are sick. He tries to spend as much time with them as possible and be a spiritual leader. He is a lot of fun and we all adore him.

  59. My husband is an awesome dad. He has sacrificed so much in order to be a great provider for our family. He continues to be supportive of our two teenage daughters, and has shed a tear or two now that one is getting ready to go to college.

  60. My fiancé has been a full time, single parent who has worked for the same employer for over 16 years. I’ve been lucky to be apart of his life and his daughters life too! Additionally he volunteers his time as a board member for Habitat for Humanity, brings me coffee every morning and loves us unconditionally!

  61. I love my dad because he is so selfless. He makes my education a priority, works 4 jobs, grills dinner even when it’s hot and/or rainy! He completely deserves this!

  62. I would love to win this for my boys to give to their dad for Father’s Day. He’s such an awesome dad! He spends a lot of time with the boys, no matter what. He encourages them to learn new information, and is willing to always help in any way he can regarding learning and/or sports. He’s always teaching them
    core values as well as teaching them to be compassionate towards others. He’s my #MVP for the dad award, I’m super proud of him. (:

  63. My husband is amazing. He is a true partner. He takes on equal responsibility for the upkeep of our home, raising our children, and he’s a true friend. Always manages to make me feel like I’m the most important person in his life ❤️

  64. The best dad I know is my husband. We have 2 children and just had our new baby. He used every bit of vacation and sick time from his work. He stayed home with us for 7 weeks and was in tears when he had to leave us for work. He also managed to work our budget so for the first time I can stay home with our little girl and our son. He is an amazing man who has been through so very much in his life. He makes sacrifices everyday, so our little family can be happy. He gets up with his baby girl even when he has to work and he knows I’ll get up. He gets up with her just because he wants cuddles from her and to see her smile. Watching him laugh and snuggle his little girl is the best gift I could ever receive. This man is deserving of this gift and so much more.

    • I am also entering through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. thanks for this contest!

  65. My dad is one of a kind! He never has know now a boring moment, and has passed on that list for life to me. There will never be another like him.

  66. I didn’t see my reply appear, so, sorry if this is a repeat. My dad is one of a kind. He has never known a dull moment and passed on that love of life to me. There will never be another like him.

  67. My husband works hard for his family. He’s made a lot of sacrifices for us and we love him very much!

  68. I would love to win this for my husband who is an awesome grandpa (and father figure) to our two grandsons. He has spent many many hours with the boys, and loves every minute!

  69. My dad is so fun to hang out with! The coolest, most laid back guy ever! He’s an outdoorsman and he would love this gift!!

  70. I woulod love to win this package for my husband who is alway there for our kids and work hard for iur family.

  71. My husband is the daddy in my life. He and I married in 2002. He never had children, I had two. My two have three children each. So my husband became Daddy Mitchell to our six grands. When we married there was only one grand. He has been an outstanding granddaddy to these six. He has had to learn about kids since he never had to. But I give him an A for all he has done to be a good example to them and to teach them how to do many things. God sent Mitchell to me and all my family. We all love him so much!

  72. My dad worked hard and played hard! I’ve got so many great memories as a child. Summertime was especially fun spending time on the lake and grilling burgers together.
    Would love to win this for him and my amazing husband! My husband is best dad I could ever hope for our children! Whether he’s tying knots with our son or painting our daughter’s toes, he always makes time to make them feel loved and important.

  73. My husband is a great dad! He loves our kiddos so well – he makes them laugh, plays hard with them, teaches them so many things… He is the rock of our family.

  74. Love my dad because no matter what decision I make he’s always there supporting me and sometimes he’s just loving me through the bad decisions! I’m a single mom and my dad has been a great “Pa” to my daughter helping fill the gap of “dad” in her life too!!

  75. I love my husband and the way he is a dad for our sweet boy. He puts our son first with his academics, sports, and daily living. He is the soul provider for our family at this time as I am on home rest with this pregnancy with our second child and he doesn’t complain in the least bit about the flow of income. I love the love he shows our family and truly how great of a father he is!!

  76. I’d love to win this for my husband. He is a great father who loves his kids and gives them all his energy and does not ask for anything.

  77. The hubs is an amazing dad to our 3 boys– the Senior, the Middle and the Hurricane. He is a coach, a fan, and a player with those fellas and makes sure that we keep the Lord at the forefront of all of it. He sacrifices his want-tos to make everyone else happy and does it with a smile because, ultimately his joy comes from our happiness. He is just a fantastic person all around and I am proud to do this crazy parenting thing with him!

  78. My husband works hard to provide for his family and is always there for our children.

  79. My dad has been so supported since I’ve moved back to NWArk. I love that we can hike to gather, play board games together, watch baseball together. He truly is one of my best friends!

    [Shared/liked/commented on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter as well!]

  80. I have 2 very special dads in my life- my dad who has always loved me and brought so many laughs and joy to my life. Next is my husband who has been an amazing dad for 5 years now to our little boys– could not ask for. A better man to lead our boys.

  81. My “dad” is Charlie Fredrick. He has always been there for me and even better now- he’s “Papa” to my kids.

  82. My husband is an awesome dad!!! He is always there to take the kids to school and pick them up ,He is the cook in the family and always makes us great meals.And he is the ultimate soccer dad (coach) he is always there to help them out.

  83. My husband is wonderful Dad to our 6 children & Grandfather to his 9 grandchildren. He is a Godly example to them, always has an ear to listen and a heart that rejoices or hurts with them. He shares his soul with them and is diligent to keep them in his prayers. What a man!

  84. I don’t have father figure but I do have any amazing boyfriend who treats my daughter like a princess. When I think have good father I think of my boyfriend being amazing with my daughter.

  85. My husband stepped in to be a dad automatically to my 5 year when we got married. I still to this day say he married me because of her and she is now 21. We have 2 girls and he spoils them rotten and they go to daddy anytime they need advice, help with school work or a shopping buddy. He would do anything for them. He deserves an extra special day!

  86. What a great surprise this would be for my hard working husband. We love taking our kids camping!

  87. I have a wonderful dad who taught me to care for others by his example of always serving the community and his family. He showed us that men cook and clean, and was always there for us. My husband is also a great father. He spends quality time with our son, teaching him and playing with him, and setting an example by always serving his family without being asked or complaining.

  88. My husband has restored my faith in fathers. I was a Daddy’s girl growing up until my parents divorced. After that my Papa stepped in to fill that role, and I was blessed to find a guy just like him! My husband has been my rock from the get go-holding my hand as I took the stand against my rapists and then keeping our house running and laughing (with a then 2 year old and 4 month old) when I was diagnosed with cancer. He has an unending, selfless love for our family, and is such a strong, fun leader for our kiddos. It would be awesome to honor him with such a fun treat.

    *also commented on FB

  89. My husband is the most patient and loving father and my kids are lucky to have him as their daddy

  90. I have been graced with three very special men that I have called dad. My daddy who is always calm and accepting makes me laugh. It wonderful to have him living close to me. Pa my step dad who has always been there to help me and my girls when we needed it. and last but not least Pop, my previous step dad who passed away a couple years ago. He helped to raise me and my sister, was my girls first papaw. We may not have been his kids but you would have never know that by the way he loved us. I’m a lucky girl!! Thanks

  91. My husband would love this! He is an amazing daddy to our two girls. He often works 12 hour days, but still comes home and makes them feel like princesses.

  92. My husband, David, is the most selfless guy I know. He constantly strives to meet the needs (and desires!) of each of our 10 kids. He puts everyone else above his own desires and is always serving our family. Would LOVE for him to win this fun package!

  93. I love my dad cause he has always provoded for us. When we wanted something we thought we needed so bad he would work extra hard to make that happen. He works hard and loves us. He loves his grandkids and makes them laugh and spoils them and never misses a game or activities they are in. He has currently had bad health and needs both hips replaced:(. My dad is the bomb!

  94. My husband is an amazing daddy to our boys, The thing I appreciate most about him is his kindness. He is in tune to other people’s needs. He works hard to pass that along to our boys, I think it is one of those things in life that is caught, not taught. He has helped the boys to make kindness bags that they can pass out to homeless people and it is amazing to see how my kids are learning to spot someone in need with the mindset of helping them. That is 100% their daddy’s teaching and coaching. <3

  95. My husband is an amazing Dad. He appreciates being in the moment with our son and I love to catch his glance while being parents together.

  96. My husband is a loving father to two toddlers who think he hung the moon. He loves to involve them in his work whenever possible & they love it.

  97. Wish I could actually explain why my husband is without giving away too much personal information… He is a combat vet who has made it his priority in life to be the best dad possible for his kids! We have three, and he only has ONE semester of finishing his degree left. My husband works a physically demanding job, and he is the funniest person I have ever met in my entire life. He loves being outside, and I have never seen anyone appreciate the sounds and sights of nature with more love and general awareness of life…with a desire to instill that appreciation into his children.

  98. There are three special dads in my life: the father of my children, my father, and my step father, all of whom are amazing in their own way. My kids have a daddy who plays and plays and provides and always takes good care of them and their momma. My dad has been so supportive of me my whole life, and always had a level head when I was challenging. My step-dad has loved me as his own blood since he came into my life at age 6. He always stood up for me when mom was mad at me:) I love the dads in my life and couldn’t live without them!

    • Thanks for another awesome giveaway. I follow y’all on fb, twitter and ig

  99. I know everyone says this but my husband works so hard to give our family everything that we need. He is funny and loving and wonderful !!

  100. My husband is such an amzing dad! He works so hard to provide for our family and makes time with us a priority. We adore him!

  101. My kids have a great dad. He works so hard at his full time job as well as running our own business to provide for them. He is so hands on. He enjoys being around his kids and you can tell. He comes home and plays with them, helps around the house, coaches their soccer teams, is involved in their schools, takes the oldest 2 to school every morning. He is a great husband and helps a lot. Especially now while #5 is in the way and I’m not feeling the best. I think we are all pretty lucky to have him.

  102. My husband is the best Dad because he works so hard for our family & loves our kids more than anything!

  103. He’s a great dad to our kids and does everything he can to provide what we need.

  104. I love my Dad for countless reasons. His loyalty, strength and kindness. His willingness to help anyone with anything. How great he is at trivial Pursuit. Can’t imagine a life without him. I follow on twitter and instagram and subscribe.

  105. My husband works hard to provide for our family and always makes sure we have family time when he is not working. Our boys have a strong work ethic and recognize the importance of family because of him.

  106. My husband deserves this more than ever! He balances family and a demanding work load like a champ and never complains. With four boys watching him, I couldn’t ask for a better example for them! Thanks for the opportunity!

    *I’m commenting on Facebook.*

  107. My husband is a great dad. He comes home from work every day and plays with our daughter even when he’s exhausted. He teaches her how to build things and how to be silly. He’s always loving and supportive with me.

  108. My own dad contributed so much to the woman I am; he gave me encouragement and believed in me (and never made me feel like I couldn’t accomplish what I set out to do.) In so may ways he modeled for me what it means to be a great parent.

  109. My husband is wonderful. He works super hard to provide for us. He is always thinking about his family before himself. He loves to go fishing, camping, and hunting. But he gives it all up to be with our kids and me! I would love for him to win this so he can spend some much needed guy time outdoors!

  110. My husband is hands down the. best. dad. He makes the kids breakfast, prepares their lunches and cooks dinner for us all after a long days work. He saves time for long snuggles on the couch, practicing ball in the front yard and bed time stories at night. He does all of this so that I don’t have to bear the burden of accomplishing these things in addition to what I do for our family. He also finds time to make me feel special. In all these ways he shows his immense love for his family. He deserves this!

  111. I have 3 important men in my life: my husband, who is the father of our two kids that helps coach their teams no matter what sport they are playing, and is very active in their lives; my step-father who has been like a dad to me for the past 20 years of my life since I was 15yrs old and managing to support me during the most difficult times in my life; and my father who maybe hasn’t always been there physically because we didn’t live in the same town but I could always expect a phone call from him at least twice a week until lately. He now has been diagnosed with cancer and unfortunately I am afraid this may be his last father’s day here with us. The doctor’s have given him 4 months to live and so this year father’s day will be a very special one for me. I will be traveling 3 hours to see my dad in the hospital where he has been the last 6 weeks or so and spend the day with him. I will cherish all the memories as a child through adulthood that we have shared and be thankful for each of them. I cannot express the sadness I feel, yet to know when his time comes, he will no longer be in pain. I am grateful for the time that I have with him while he is here and I will cherish these moments. I have learned we cannot take life for granted, not our own, or our parents, family, or friends; life is a gift and we need to cherish each moment we have with each other.

  112. My dad is very quiet, but I’ve also learned how wise that makes him! He sits back and listens, really listens, and thinks before he speaks, offering thoughtful and wise words of advice and wisdom when he does. It’s his words of encouragement, good advice, honest opinions that I always turn to. He may be one of the quietest men I know, but the love he has is fierce.

  113. Meant to add tha to commented on Facebook Ms follow on twitter and Instagram! 🙂

  114. My husband is a great dad to our two girls. This prize would be a fun surprise for a man who treats the ladies in his life with kindness, fairness, love, and respect.

  115. My dad has always been there for me and is a caring man. He’s getting older now, but he has taught me a lot. I also follow on Twitter : @AustinH324

  116. I am the primary income for our family, so the “traditional” roles are a bit reversed for my husband and me. Over the past year he has been amazing cooking delicious meals for our household, making sure the kids get to school and baseball and gymnastics, and taking care of me when I get home from work. My husband is one in a million and I love him with all my heart. He is an amazing father and a heck of a cook besides.

  117. My husband is an amazing dad to our kids. I would love to be able to give him something like this to show how much we appreciate him!

  118. My hubby adores our kiddos! He works 60+hours per week and then comes home to help with the kids and house as much as he can. When he is off of work, he devotes his attention to loving and teaching our kids! I adore that man of mine!

  119. My dad is awesome! He was the only guy in a house full of females and convinced us that we could do and be anything we were willing to work hard for. He and my mom chose to move to NWA because we (and the grandkids) were here. He watches cartoons with the grandkids, takes them fishing and has taught most of the teenagers how to drive. We are blessed to have him!

  120. I would love to win this for my husband who could use some R & R. He is a great dad to our oldest three who are his step-by-step and helps coach their sports teams and take time to practice with them. He’s also wonderful helping out with our littlest one who is a rambunctious 1 year old. He works full time and also goes to school to try making our future better and gives until he has nothing left. He could use some spoiling!

  121. My husband works so hard to provide a life for our children that neither one of us had growing up.. He gives his time freely, and loves doing it for them.

  122. I would love for my husband to win this. He loves God and works very hard for our family. It would be a blessing to receive this gift pack.

  123. My husband is a true gem. He supports the kids and myself in every way possible. One of my favorite things about him is the way that he makes us and even our kids’ friends laugh. Last weekend during a sleepover where the kids had to be up early, he woke them up with a funny homemade song. Everyone woke up tired, but with hysterical laughter.

  124. What dad wouldn’t love this!!! I know my husband would. We were both working full time before he got transferred here. Then we had a wonderful surprise of expecting our 3rd baby. So I now stay home and that puts quite a lot on his plate to provide with half the income we used to have. But he loves having me home and says he is the happiest Like this. He’s my partner 50/50 when it comes to raising our kids. He has a servant heart and loves us second only to God. We’re blessed for sure.

  125. What I love about my dad is that he has always been what I need when I need him. Tough when I need it, caring when I need it, protective when I need it, and always loving, because I need it.

  126. Most important, the kids’ dad is a Godly role model and leads them with patience and grace daily.

  127. I love that my dad loves music and technology and he always has. He still has his ipod on, even though he is over 70 yrs old and he likes to keep busy, working in his garden on his computer, and doing things around the house.

  128. my husband deserves so much for fathers day,he has done a wonderful job raising our 5 children,he raised his 3 on his own before we got married and is now being daddy to my two boys,he would do anything for these children,he is willing to cook ,clean, do laundry whatever it takes to get through another day of raising 4 teenagers and one younger one, hes also the neighborhood daddy,all the neighbor hood kids love to come to our house,its nothing for us to have 13 kids around our house on any given day,hes just so great,so patient and so fun! we also have 3 grandbabies and 1 on the way,hes the best papa and loves to spoil them,all these kids in our life really look up to him ,he tries so hard to teach them everything their gonna need to know in life,. they are his backbone.He built a two story house that we lost due to a housefire a couple years ago,we were on vacation in Florida when we got the phone call we rushed back to find it was a complete loss, it was like we lost a piece of ourselves,especially him he built that whole house with his two hands over a several year timeframe ,but with his great determination he figured it out he took care of his family of seven we moved into a trailer he built an add on so everyone could still have their own room and hes now ready to rebuild,hes worked very hard everyday to replace all that we lost,,he has taken his truck and trailer and went around to job sites and gathered wood for a year,he now has enough to build another one,he is very wise and knows how to stretch a dollar. he tries so hard and has accomplished so much, hes highly motivated,has a strong will and lots of determination and I feel so blessed to have him in my life and the kids life, He deserves so much credit for all he does and for all he plans to do! Hes the best father in the world next to God!

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