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Editor’s note: Comments closed, chicks. We’ve got a winner! Congrats to Sara Schmidt, a work-at-home graphic and web designer and mom to Elijah and Morgan.

We’ve got a bundle of gift certificates to give away, and all you need to do to throw your name in the hat is tell us what you think. The gift certificates come from our buddies at, which has the most up-to-date, comprehensive info on restaurants in Northwest ocharleys.gifArkansas. (They also own the website, which is super helpful as well.) Today’s gift certificates come from Cold Stone Creamery, O’Charley’s and Fast Lane Entertainment.

We’ll let you in on a little secret that won’t be secret much longer: offers gift certificates (called Penguin Bills, pictured right) for lots of different restaurants, and pbillsicon.pngthe gift certificates are HALF-OFF! Even better, this is the only program of its kind that helps local charities. As an example, you might find a $20 gift certificate for Chili’s that you can buy for only $10. All net proceeds of this sale will go to a nonprofit group in Northwest Arkansas. We love this program because everybody wins: Mama gets to eat out for a change. We don’t blow the budget. And local charities get desperately-needed funding.

The Penguin Bills and restaurant selection are constantly changing, so you’ll need to check back often to see what kinds of deals you can snag. Click here to check it out and bookmark the site for future reference, so you can check it out before your next dinner on the town.

Now, back to today’s giveaway: The winner will receive three different gift certificates — one from Fast fast-lane.jpgLane Entertainment, one from O’Charley’s, and one from Cold Stone Creamery. YUM! The gift certificates total $50!

Here’s the question we’d like you to consider: “When you’re ‘grandma-age,’ what do you hope your adult children remember most about you?

To throw your name in the drawing for the bundle of gift certificates, click the big orange button below and let us know what you think. You may also e-mail us your thoughts at

Increase your odds of winning by sending your friends a note about the giveaway. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your e-mail so we can give you proper credit. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell.



  1. I hope that they will be able to look back and see that with all discipline came love, and that the laundry was never more important than going outside to plat with them. I also hope they learn that laughter is the key to a happy life…always.

  2. I hope they look back and say, “Wow she really did know what she was talking about and kept me from making some big mistakes!’

  3. I hope that my kids remember me as the best mom that I could be. We all make mistakes and learn by trial and error, but as long as they know that I always did what I thought was best for them because I loved them, I will be happy.

  4. Thanks Mamas! This is a pretty cool giveaway, but I have a feeling this reflection will make us all have that awwww moment while reading everyone’s comments!

    I think my kids will look back and remember how much Momma loved them and realize why I didn’t want them to grow up so fast!

  5. I hope they remember me as a fun, patient, loving mother. I hope that they can come to me for anything when they are older and know that I will be here for them.

  6. When that time comes, I hope that my children are able to see the sacrifices that I made for them to have a beyond excellent childhood. And the main thing is, they remember the amount of love that we had for them!

  7. I worry that they’ll remember me being frustrated and stressed out, but I hope they’ll remember how much I loved them and how that we always read a devotional together as a whole family each night before bed, and how that I tried to teach them about God’s love in everyday moments.

  8. I want them to remember me as a person of truth that was always honest with them. I hope they will see me as someone who was completely selfless. I pray they will…:)

  9. I want my children to know me as a person they can have faith and trust in. Putting God first and then our family! I want them to remember how much I love them and their daddy!

  10. I hope that my children remember that I was there for them and that my actions showed the depth of my love for them.

  11. I hope they remember that I always supported them in their endeavors, lives, trials… everything. Even if I don’t agree with a decision the make I hope that I can always show my children that I love them unconditionally. I never want them to have to wonder how I felt about them.

  12. I hope they remember the most that I loved and supported them with all my heart. I encouraged them to follow their dreams and I was always there for them no matter what.

  13. I want my kids to remember praying as a family everyday before we left the driveway and before we went to bed at night! And the times I lay in the floor for hours, playing barbies and candyland 🙂

  14. I hope they remember that I was fun, loving and that I knew what I was doing when I grounded them and hopefully appreciate that.

  15. I want to be remembered as the person that loved them unconditionally….no…matter….what. I hope this encourages them to pursue whatever in life feels right and makes them a better person!

  16. When my son is an adult, I hope he remembers the happy times spent with his grandparents and the fun trips we went on during his childhood.

  17. i hope Addie remembers me as being loving and caring… i’d say patient, but i know myself well, and patience is definitely NOT one of my strong suits unfortunately, lol…

  18. I hope they always remember that no matter what I was doing, when they needed to talk I would stop and give them my full attention. 🙂

  19. I hope they remember the good times we had, the love and hugs we shared, and that I did the best darn job I could. Most importantly that they were the lights of my life!

  20. I hope they remember that I thought it was more important to spend time reading, snuggling, and playing with them than sweeping the floor and doing the dishes

  21. I hope they remember that I loved them big and showed them how to enjoy life, while using its struggles as lessons.

  22. That I was always there for her and that I always took time to play and good times with lots of great memories! She has yet to go to Fastlane! Would be great!

  23. probably the same thing my kids think of their grandma, The songs I sang to her “You r my sunshine” and how much I loved her, and as my 13 yr old says, Grandma used to give me whatever I wanted, she gave me “EVERYTHING” uggg

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