Giveaway: Billy Elliot the Musical and Dinner at Bordinos

We know the next few weeks will be busy so we thought we’d help you plan ahead — for a date night! We’ve got two tickets to opening night of the smash hit musical Billy Elliot on December 4, 2012 at the Walton Arts Center.

We’re pairing the awesome show tickets with dinner at the equally awesome Bordinos Italian Restaurant, which is just steps away from your theater seats at Walton Arts Center. This date night package would normally cost you more than $150.

ABOUT THE SHOW: This is the story of one boy’s journey to make a big dream come true. It has been called “The best show you’ll ever see” by the New York Post and it won 10 Tony Awards in 2009 including the one for Best Musical. The story is set in a small town and follows Billy as he stumbles out of a boxing ring and into a ballet class, where he discovers a surprising talent that inspires his family and his whole community — changing his life forever.

Oh, and did we mention this? Elton John wrote the musical score for this show. Yep. Elton freakin’ John, ladies. Musical legend.

ABOUT THE FOOD: In Northwest Arkansas, the food at Bordinos is as legendary as Billy Elliot is on Broadway. We send lots of our lucky mom winners to this Dickson Street landmark for dinner and they always rave about the food, the service, and the upscale yet never stuffy atmosphere. Click here to see the menu.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat for this date night package, click the big orange comment button below and tell us about a dream you’ve had or still have that you’d love to see come true. Want to write the great American novel? Or run your first marathon? Want to finally get your toddler potty-trained? Or just get your house organized once and for all? Tell us your dreams, big or small, and we’ll cheer each other on.

You can also enter the giveaway via email by sending your answer to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES: As always, we reward mamas who help us spread the word about the website. Just send an email about this giveaway to your friends and/or family and be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you an extra chance to win for each person you tell. It’s that easy.

This is a special show, so if you’d rather not leave it up to Lady Luck, you can guarantee your tickets by buying them online or by calling the box office at 479-443-5600. Click here for ticket availability.


  1. I just had a dream a few nights ago that I was starting to train for a half marathon…but everyone was telling me I couldnt do it! I’ve just had my 2nd baby. I’d love to try running and see if I could!

  2. My first dream, which goes back to my childhood, was to perform on stage. I did have some local success, but the yearning to be cast in musicals on Broadway never panned out. I never learned to set goals and work toward them. 🙂 My other dream, to be able to work from home as a writer and owner of a small home decor and local arts boutique is still in the planning stages, but this time I have experience and better planning skills on my side!

  3. My first dream has never ended….to be a singer/musician and travel the country.

  4. Other than being a mommy, I have always wanted to travel the world! Now that I am a mommy, I want to travel it with my amazing daughters!

  5. I have always wanted to publish my poetry or write a novel that incorporates my poetry.

  6. I’m not much of a traveler but dream of going to Italy!! My husband and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary on Dec 5 so this would make a great night out!!

  7. Wow! Well.. My biggest dream is that my children grow up happy and healthy! And so far, it’s coming true .. 🙂 I also dream of taking my family to Hawaii some day .. and who doesn’t dream of winning the lottery?/ 🙂

  8. I want to take my kids to New York City. My mom and I go every year, and I keep thinking they are old enough to do everything and enjoy it all – I hope.

  9. I’ve always dreamed of doing missions, local or overseas. Think that will be happening soon!

  10. For me, I have always had big dreams of being able to volunteer my time and help people that really need someone to just care for them. Right now, with a full-time job and small children, it is not a feasible dream, but maybe someday God will allow for it to come true! 🙂

  11. I would love to be a Makeup Artist or clothesi designer and. Open a Glam botique-!

  12. I have a dream (that will probably never come true) that I can spend equal, quality time with each of my kids AND my husband…all while maintaining a clean house. HA! That’s why it’s a dream… 🙂

  13. I dream of a taking an incredible family vacation before my kids start moving out to go to college! I’ve only got about 18 months to make it come true!

  14. I dream of being able to travel and go anywhere and everywhere. To see the world. Wild animals in Africa. Castles of old times. I will never girve up on my dreams

  15. My hubby and I dream of opening our own canoe/rafting shop on the Kings River 🙂

  16. I have recently went back to college to get my Masters in Special Education with emphasis on Autism. My goal is to get my ABA certification so that I can work with children with autism. I am a special education teacher that works with students with disabilities. I love my job but I feel as if I need to move on and work specifically with those children that deal with autism everyday. I am excited about my new venture. Being a fulltime mom, wife and special education teacher it is a little overwhelming, but I know I have been led down this path for a reason. 🙂

  17. I would love to win the lottery and start an educational scholarship or start my own educational foundation to grant money to students.

  18. My dream is to see Billy Elliot.

    My real dream is to really get on a fitness program and stay on it. … other dream is to open my own business of some sort.

  19. Too many dreams: publish a cake decorating book, cut a vocal CD, finish my dollhouses, and do more acting. One breath at a time; one day at a time…………

  20. My biggest goal in life is to be a stay at home mom. I have had a real job in some form since the age of 12. The only time I have had not working was the time off to give birth to my children. I have day dreams about being able to fully focus on the dreams and needs of my family without the constant pull from my job at the hospital. Invert thankful and blessed with my job. I love the people I have worked with the last 20 years that job has helped me to provide for my family and help serve others in my community. My deepest desire though is to be financially stable enough to be at home. When I accomplish this, and I will (I’ve made it this far) I think my possibilities in being there for my family will be endless.

  21. Go to Europe with my kids & take them on a cruise now that they’re old enough to enjoy those types fo vacations.

  22. To know that my children were raised to be intelligent, respectful, independent adults who live by faith.

  23. To celebrate my 20th anniversary with my kids and husband on an Alaskan cruise

  24. I dream of traveling to the Amalfi Coast.. Seeing and luxuriating in the incredible beauty there.. Perhaps from my private sailboat? With my best friend, of course- without my sweet husband, nothing ever compares.

  25. I dream of being able to hop on a plane and travel as much as I want without worrying about work or money. 🙂

  26. I’m thinking just finishing the flooring install in the last room of the house is a great dream for now… 🙂

  27. I would love to take my children to Europe & on a cruise, now that they are old enough to go on such vacations. That is if I could ever afford one…

  28. “Dreams make the world go’round”. “If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.” “With Patience and Faith, there is Reward”. These are the sayings I grew up with. “Dream Big” my Mom used to tell me. I wish she was still around to help me with raising my two boys, but she died before I had even found my husband. So, what is my dream? I dream of a cure for ODD, OCD, ADHD and Aspergers. I dream of a cure for Acne and other ailments that tear away at my boys self esteem, and interfere with their dreams. My dream is to see my boys happy and free to live a productive, healthy and stable life in spite of these special needs.

  29. I dream of winning the lottery when it’s at $300 million & helping as many people as I can!

  30. I dream of living on a beach in a nice little beach cottage. Surrounded by pretty things. I would settle for living close to the beach.

  31. One of my dreams would be to have no debt and be able to go to Scotland with my husband.

  32. To not have to work at least more than part-time and be able to keep the house clean and take better care of my family.

  33. My dream is to take my family on the Disney Cruise! Also to not ever worry about money 🙂

  34. I dream of winning the lottery. Wouldn’t that solve everything? You could give fruitfully to others and take care of yourself and family!

  35. A date night with my husband in December would be my dream. We have run our own business for over forty years. In December I have to tell people that Steve lives at the mall. When our daughter was four she asked me “why don’t I have a Daddy at Christmas?”. It was a very sad question. Now that she is grown, she is happily married,running her own business,raising a wonderful child, I’m the one who is saying “why don’t I have a husband at Christmas?”

  36. I’m sure there are many more exciting dreams, but the clean AND organized house sounds like a dream come true to me. I would love to have everything clean and organized, but still have time and energy to spend with my hubby and kids. My hubby and I would love a date night!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  37. My dream is to give my kids opportunities that is did not have and to show my husband that he is a God given gift everyday.

  38. I have many dreams, but the one in my most foreseeable future is to finish grad school and get a job in secondary educational administration!

  39. The first dream that I ever remember wanting to not end was the dream in which I could fly. No wings, just fly, like a superhero. I realize that it’s pretty superficial compared to all of these dreams about family, but it’s the one that’s always really stuck with me. Oh that feeling!

  40. My dream is to travel to orphanages and provide them with toys and playgrounds!

  41. my dream is to own a business with my husband, that allows us to travel freely, do something we love, provide for our wonderful children, and spend more time together!!!

  42. My husband and I were supposed to have our first date night in years tonight…. but this morning our 5 year old had a stomach bug! We need this!

  43. My dream is to open a photography studio within the next 3 years. I am currently pursuing that goal/dream by working out of my home doing natural light photography 🙂

  44. My dream is just to raise happy, healthy, well educated children .. 🙂

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