Fitness: How to get out of your own head and into real life

By Monty Mason, fitness trainer and owner of Crybox Private Fitness Studio

Fantasies of the lives “we want” to have swirl around in our heads. Things we want to do. Things we should do. Things we should have already done.

But here’s the thing: It’s safe and comfortable as long as it stays up there in our minds. It’s a lovely green space where we can be safe and not take risks. 

Then we get to the end of the diving board, and we’re just about to launch these dreams and… we hesitate. That’s the exact moment when the self-sabotage begins. Our mind whispers things like “I’m not smart enough.” “I don’t have time.” “It’s too hard.”

So, we become couch surfers riding a wave of Netflix and other distractions. (I recently did some math with a friend about time spent in front of his TV. It was determined that this person spent A MONTH last year watching TV. And this was a reduction from the past.) I’m sorry, but if you’ve ever told yourself “I don’t have time” or “I’m too busy” but you also spend a month per year watching TV, then you’ve lost me. You and I both know that’s not true.

Another common issue I see with people who want to get fit (but don’t actually work toward it) is the habit of putting your life’s passion on hold. This habit shows up with phrases like “Once I get my kid potty-trained, I’ll start exercising.” Or “Once I stop traveling for work, I’ll eat a healthier diet.” Here’s the truth:  There is no “once I get to this ideal place and time, then I’ll do it.” The truth is that we’re already here. The time is now. Don’t stop yourself from reaching your highest potential and fulfilling the dreams you have for your life.

Are positive thoughts, motivational speeches, pep rallies, personal development courses, Dunkin Donuts, or fast-food drive thru’s really moving you any closer to the best version of yourself? It’s been said before and it’s worth repeating: We are what we do, not what we think and say!

My advice for you this month is to get out of your own head and get into your real life. Don’t wait on a special feeling before you start doing what needs to be done. That magical feeling might never come, my friends. In my experience, that feeling only comes AFTER we begin to accomplish the thing we’ve been putting on the back burner for so long.

Here are two things you can DO (and stop doing) this month to move yourself forward.

1)  Stop doing what you are currently doing that is stealing your personal power.

2)  Start taking forward-looking actions that serve a greater purpose in your life. (What are those specific actions that you know you need to take?)

Monty Mason is a personal fitness trainer who founded Crybox Private Fitness Studio in 2012. Monty simplifies exercise science and demystifies how the human body responds to daily stessors. Understanding that the traditional gym experience can be intimidating, he created a private fitness studio where clients can focus only on the required work while he guides their strategic, step-by-step wellness plan. Clients make appointments for workout sessions and work one-on-one with a fitness expert. For more info on Crybox and its philosophy, visit the website or call 479-877-0130.