Fitness: 6 steps for changing body composition

By Monty Mason, owner of Crybox Private Fitness Studio

One of the coolest aspects of what I do involves watching people grow and accomplish their full potential. It’s fascinating to watch and participate with a client who does something she or he thought wasn’t possible for them. It’s life-changing for both of us actually.

It’s also fascinating to watch clients set their limitations and fight until the end to see them through. As the old saying goes; fight for your limitations and sure enough, they’re yours.

Since most of my clients have body composition goals as first and foremost on their list, I wanted to take a minute to outline the exact steps it takes to manage body composition. Let’s just call it the “magic formula for fat loss.”

Here are the six keys to fat loss in order of importance. They should NOT be re-ordered or skipped. Unless these six steps are followed without fail, body composition changes are not in the cards for any of us.

1) Mindset: Growth versus fixed.
2) Nutrition: Stop rationalizing and making excuses.
3) Rest and recovery: Hormonal fire storm without it.
4) Resistance weight training.
5) HIIT: High-intensity interval training.
6) Cardio

As I re-read the list and think about how it’s applied for most of us, it appears we have it backwards. It’s the key limitation that we place on ourselves that keeps us frustrated and tired of trying. It’s usually those who nail numbers 4, 5, and 6 who never reach their potential. It’s only those who nail numbers 1, 2 and 3 that succeed in making meaningful change. Period.

We can rationalize this (and most of us do) to the bitter end, but it won’t change a thing. Our limitations are ours and only ours. Nobody else can dance with us on this one. Stop blaming anything or anybody for lack of execution. It’s futile and insane.

Change your mind and get to work. It’s on you. Don’t be afraid of it.

Monty Mason is a personal fitness trainer who founded Crybox Private Fitness Studio in 2012. Monty simplifies exercise science and demystifies how the human body responds to daily stessors. Understanding that the traditional gym experience can be intimidating, he created a private fitness studio where clients can focus only on the required work while he guides their strategic, step-by-step wellness plan. Clients make appointments for workout sessions and work one-on-one with a fitness expert. For more info on Crybox and its philosophy, visit the website or call 479-877-0130.