Details on the new “Amazeum”

Amazeum Press Conference, logo

PLEASE NOTE: The Tinkering Studio (which had a sampling of the museum’s exhibits) is NOT open for regular visiting hours. There may be future events scheduled for the Tinkering Studio, so keep an eye on the Amazeum website for more information.

It’s not just a dream anymore.

The NWA Children’s Museum — now officially called the “Amazeum” — recently announced a date, location and executive director, Sam Dean.

The Amazeum will open in 2015 near Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art on Northeast J Street.

The museum was named the “Amazeum” and was inspired by the incredible exhibits that will soon stretch imaginations, inspire creativity and amaze children and their families in Northwest Arkansas and beyond.

“This is a day we’ve been anticipating since early 2006, when a group of visionary parents, business leaders and educators recognized the need for a museum that would amaze children of all ages and their families while enhancing the quality of life throughout the region,”  Bob Arvin, president of the Amazeum’s Board of Directors, said recently at a press conference. “We can’t believe the day is finally here and are looking forward to watching it all come together in the coming months.”

The Amazeum’s design and exhibits are being created to appeal to all ages with hands-on activities that will entertain the entire family. The Amazeum’s interactive exhibits will pay tribute to the land, industries and people that built the Arkansas culture and sustain it today. Exhibits include a Tinkering Studio, water area, climbable tree canopy and a lab.

Amazeum Press Conference, resizedIn addition to the 44,500 square feet inside the museum, approximately an acre of outdoor space will accommodate year-long learning and provide a backdrop for experiments and experiences inspired by the seasons.

For businesses and organizations in the region, the Amazeum will also boast meeting spaces, creating a new venue for corporate retreats to inspire creativity and teamwork. 

“I am excited about the dynamic contribution the Amazeum will make to the Northwest Arkansas Region.  The Amazeum will bring learning to life and enhance family involvement, as well as evoke a sense of curiosity and exploring.  The Amazeum will undoubtedly be a star attraction among the region’s educational and entertainment venues” stated David Gearhart, Chancellor, University of Arkansas and member of the Governance Board. 

“It’s our hope that everyone who understands and believes in the impact the Amazeum will have for youth and families throughout the region will become part of the museum’s extended family,” says Dean.   He went on to explain that a membership program would be introduced in the coming months. 

For more information about the Amazeum and to learn about donor opportunities, contact Holly Hook at or visit