Crafty Mama: Homemade body lotion

We were excited to talk recently to a mom and grandmother who makes her own salsa, laundry detergent and even body lotion.

She’s so crafty!

We asked for her lotion recipe and she kindly shared. The recipe is from Dianna Cox of Mountain View, mom of three daughters and five grandsons.

Making the lotion could make for a fun birthday party: Just have the guests whip up their own lotion and each child can take home a little in pretty crystal Mason jars– or inexpensive clear plastic pump bottles. The kids could decorate the outside of the jars while they were being artistic 🙂

Dianna said the lotion isn’t greasy and smells great. She said if you rub the lotion on your feet at night and add socks, you’ll wake up with tootsies that feel like “baby feet”.

Homemade Body Lotion:

2 bottles of Shea Butter baby lotion (Dianna gets hers at the Dollar Store)

2 bottles of Vitamin E cream (Dollar Store again!)

1 small jar of Vaseline

Directions: Add all the ingredients to a large pan and whip the mixture with a whisk until it’s thoroughly combined. Add lotion to emptied (or new) bottles or pretty jars.

Here’s to baby soft hands and feet!