Crafty Mama: Cute chore charts made from cookie sheets!

Jennifer's chore charts

There are all kinds of chore charts out there, but this one is genius — and super cute!

Local mom of four, Jennifer Smith, used basic cookie sheets to make these for her kids and we love them.

Jennifer said this is how she did it:

  • Use Mod Podge to glue a piece of scrapbook paper onto the cookie sheet.
  • Hot glue your favorite ribbon for the lines (I used black for mine)
  • Use scrapbook stickers for name labels

How to make the magnets:

For the magnets, I bought a set of round magnets at Hobby Lobby and some small wooden circles to hot glue on. I had some old garage sale stickers lying around so that’s how I did my color code system.

And how does the color code system work?

Jennifer said each magnet has a different chore and each color represents a specific amount of money her kids can earn for that chore.

Orange is 25 cents; pink is 50 cents; and green is $1

Jennifer's chore chart up close

And here are the kids who are doing all those chores 🙂 Aren’t they cute?

Jennifer's kids, cropped

Jennifer is a local photographer and mom of four. Click here to visit her photography website, Captured Moments by Jen. Thanks for the chore chart idea, Jennifer!