Craft fairs start today!


Hey, mamas, if you love some arts & crafts, it’s a great week to be living in Northwest Arkansas. A few fairs start today, but by this weekend, you won’t be able to swing a cat without hitting some hand-crafted delights (a little Ozarks humor). The fairs are in all directions across NWA, so grab a few friends and do some serious shopping.

A regular will have her booth set up at the Spanker Creek show, which starts today. Check the bottom of this post for details!

Here are some of most well-know craft shows in the area:

First up is the War Eagle Mill Fair, which will begin Thursday and run through Sunday. Tons of people, tons of vendors, lots of yummy food and a fun family atmosphere makes this one of our favorite fairs. Click HERE to see a map. You have a little bit of a drive, but you can sight-see along the way and the trip’s worth it. Good time to check out Fall leaves.

Bella Vista Arts & Crafts Festival, Oct. 15-17. Tons of exhibitors, food and entertainment. Over 40 years old!

If you don’t want to be outside, there’s the Ozark Regional Arts & Crafts Festival, Oct. 16 & 17 — Springdale Holiday Inn Convention Center/John Q. Hammons Convention Center (Rogers Embassy Suites).

And another indoor fair: Frisco Station Mall Arts & Crafts Festival, Oct. 15-18. Lots of booths and lots of hand-made items at this craft fair inside the Frisco Station Mall in Rogers.

Jones Center Arts & Crafts Festival, Springdale, Jones Center for Families, Oct. 15-17. Live music, activities for children and lots of crafters, of course!

Spanker Creek Farm Arts & Craft Show , Oct. 14-18. Not one, but two locations — one indoors and one out. The more scenic fair is at the Bella Vista farm and starts today (Wednesday) and runs through Sunday. Click here for driving directions. The indoor event is at the Clarion Hotel in Bentonville.

Local stay-at-home mom Marcie Platz will be at the Spanker Creek Farm location selling children’s squeaky shoes! No, they’re not hand made, but she’s got over 50 different styles of leather and canvas shoes that are quite cute. She’s selling them for $15 and has sizes 4-8. Marcie says they retail for $30 and the selection is great.

So go see Marcie and the other vendors at craft fairs across NWA. We hope you all “fair” well.

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  1. I wish I’d seen this before! I would have let you know I was at the Bella Vista Arts & Crafts Festival with my sister. 🙂 We had a great show, and will be there again next year.

    Thanks for the promos ladies!

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