Countdown to 2023 Halloween in Northwest Arkansas

Moms, this scary statistic definitely got our attention. According to the National Safety Council, children are twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on ANY other day of the year.

The most important tip is to make sure you and your kids are NOT distracted by a phone or screen of any kind. As moms, it’s easy to get caught up in snapping photos with your phone, but don’t let it keep you from constantly watching for cars and traffic around you and the kids. HereĀ are some walking and driving tips to keep in mind for trick-or-treating:

  • Watch out for kids who might be crossing in the middle of a block.
  • When you’re on foot, use the sidewalks instead of walking on the street.
  • Only cross at corners and use traffic signals and crosswalks when possible.
  • Watch for cars turning or backing up.
  • Go slower than usual and watch for movement.

Make sure your kids have a flashlight with them and/or reflective clothing or tape so cars can better see them. And remember, even kids who know they shouldn’t dart out in the road get excited and impulsive on Halloween (not to mention the sugar rush from all the candy) so make sure you’re watching for cars even if you’ve already taught them to do it.

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