New Kids On The Block concert magic happens in Northwest Arkansas on June 26, 2024

Happy Monday, Northwest Arkansas mamas! Did you see the big announcement on Good Morning America today? New Kids on the Block is touring next summer, and one of their concert locations is Northwest Arkansas!

The iconic boy band will be on the Magic Summer Tour 2024, and two of the special guests will be Paula Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff! You’ll be able to see them all next summer at the Walmart AMP on June 26, 2024. (Do you hear it? That’s the sound of thousands of former teens of the 80s and 90s rejoicing all over NWA.)

Tickets will go on sale on Friday, November 3, 2023. But this week on, you can win a pair of tickets BEFORE anyone can buy them! 


New Kids on the Block exploded in popularity in the late 80s when it began making and setting records. The band sold more than 80 million records around the world with hits including “Step by Step,” “You Got It (The Right Stuff),” “Hangin’ Tough,” “I’ll Be Loving You,” and “Cover Girl.”

If you were a teenager in the 80s or 90s, you might be having a little deja vu. That’s because the first NKOTB Magic Summer Tour took place circa 1990. Coca-Cola was the sponsor of that tour, and it was tied into the infamous Coke MagicCan.


To throw your name in the online hat to win 2 tickets to see New Kids on the Block with guests Paula Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff in concert on June 26, 2024, scroll down to the bottom of this post (and past the comments posted by other moms) until you see the words “Leave a Reply.”

Then write a quick comment telling us your favorite New Kids song or why you’re a superfan of this iconic band. 

You can also email your answer to us at

We choose winners at random using a random number generator. But if you’d rather not leave it up to the luck of the draw, you can purchase tickets for this concert beginning November 3, 2023. For ticket details, visit the AMP website by clicking here.

Good luck in the online drawing for tickets! We’ll email the winner by Friday!


  1. The Right Stuff was a fun one when I was a teen. I’d love to take my daughter next summer!

  2. Please don’t go girl….Step by step.. Seriously loved every song!

  3. My favorite song is Step by Step! I saw them twice when I was a kid, and am so excited they are coming to town!!

  4. Step by Step! I saw them as a kid, still have my tshirt from ’90 to wear to the concert!!

  5. Woop!!! This is THE RIGHT STUFF for NW AR!!! Super Excited! I remember when they were in AR wayyy back in the day!! Would love to take my sister as she was a super fan back then!!

  6. I had posters in my room and my 3rd grade picture I’m wearing a NKOTB shirt and button! My favorite song was Hanging Tough!

  7. The Right Stuff is still great to this day!! This was my husband’s first concert and we’d love to take our son!

  8. Love NKOTB! My fav song has to be Step by step!! I remember having posters, giant pins and cassettes!

  9. I always wanted to see them when I was younger, but never had the chance. Now I can! My favorite is Donnie!

  10. OMG are you kidding…I have to pick one favorite. As soon as I saw the announcement, I started annoying my boys by singing EVERY song word for word. LOL! I guess I would have to say Hanging Tough, but the others are really close 🙂 I MUST attend because I also adore Paula Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff! Fingers crossed I win or the actual tickets aren’t so high that I must sell a kidney to go.

  11. I know every word to every song on the Hanging Tough Album! Can’t wait!

  12. I loved every single one of their songs!! I was a huge fan. I wanted to go to the concert so bad when they came to Fayetteville in the 90’s but my parents were super over protective and would not allow me to go. So this would be a childhood dream fulfilled.

  13. I got the right stuff!!! I would love to win this! I never had the opportunity to go to concerts as a child/teenager. So to see them would be amazing.

  14. The right stuff! I can still the dance! I have also been one of Paula Abdul’s biggest fans forever!

  15. The right stuff! I can still do the dance! I have also been one of Paula Abdul’s biggest fans forever!

  16. The Right Stuff! I used to do ALL the dances while watching them perform on TV. My mom would get so annoyed with me!!! 😂😂😂

  17. NKOTB is my youngest sisters favorite of all time. It’s always been her dream to see them, and me too 🙂 To be able to surprise her with these tickets would mean more than you’ll ever know. Her childhood dream has to come true. My sister truly deserves to see them. I know tickets will go on sale Friday,,,. But I’m pretty sure neither of us can afford it. We are also major fans of their Special Guests. We adore Paula 🙂 Thank you for this chance and opportunity 🙂
    Songs: The Right Stuff & Step by Step
    ( to hard to choose )

  18. Step by Step is my favorite song!! And Paula Abdul opening is the best news!!

  19. Funky Funky Christmas was my absolute fave NKOTB song—and they were my first concert ever!! Gosh to relive those days—even just one of them would be so amazing! I don’t know if my daughter would go with me—but I know I have friends who would. Jordan was my first crunch, but now I’m kinda partial to Donnie. This would be a dream come true.

  20. The Right Stuff! My sister and I lined up to watch them ride down the Macy’s Parade eons ago.

  21. I have been a ‘Blockhead’ since the beginning! Great memories playing with their merchandise and singing their music! Have also loved Paula Abdul forever! Straight up, hard core fans of both!

  22. The right stuff, followed by please don’t go girl, then step by step. So good!

  23. Too many good songs to name just one favorite!! My girls loved them all! Posters on walls, tshirts, cassette tapes, I think they even had a sleeping bag! What great memories!

  24. The Right Stuff! Their cassette was my first cassette ever! My mom was torn between their cassette and another she thought had a pretty rose-filled cover (GunsnRoses). The sales lady steered her to NKOB, and I often wonder how I would’ve been different had she chose the other one.

  25. Step by step!!! Lol. I always think of my friend Crystal who was head over hills with them. She would die if we got tickets. So fun.

  26. I was a grown up but I love the beat and the music. My daughter was truly in love with them! I would say my fav song is Never let you go. I would listen to them with my daughter and that is a really good memory. This concert would be fabulous!

  27. I had a room full of NKOTB items as a girl! From blankets, to curtains, shirts, and even the action dolls! Jordan was my favorite! I love all their songs. Top fav would be Step by step!

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