Cool Website for Kids with Spelling Tests


I love it when teachers from my kids’ school let me know about great websites that help kids with homework. This last one I learned about is GREAT for helping kids get ready for spelling tests. It’s called Click here to check it out.

You just type your child’s spelling words into a list on the website. Then your child can choose the option: “Teach me” (which helps your kid learn the words), “Play a Game” (which will reinforce learning by playing games with those specific words), or “Test Me” (which tests your child on how to spell each word.)

My son thought it was fun to study for his spelling test this way, versus having me call out each word to him. He thinks anything on the computer is cool, so this was a great way to get him to study and not procrastinate memorizing his words.

Hope this tip helps you and your kids, too!

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