Cleanse: We did it!

Did you think the third day of the cleanse was the hardest? I did!

On Wednesday I got my hair cut. That usually means a Dr. Pepper while I have my tresses trimmed. Heavenly. Except I had to ask for water instead. MUCH better for me, I know, but it just about killed me to forgo my favorite soda (I basically don’t drink them much except under certain situations like getting my hair cut). I also had to give up the Chick-fil-A sweet tea I usually get after Ladybug gets out of gymnastics class. It took a lot of willpower. A lot.

But knowing I had made it for two days kept me going. Did you finish? Gwen and I kept our promise and didn’t eat anything that wasn’t on Joy’s cleanse menu. I know it was accountability that kept me on the straight and narrow!

Eating a prescribed menu every day for three days was really difficult (except for the part where I knew what I was eating every night, which made meal planning easier). I tend not to eat the same things every day and I typically throw a little chocolate into the mix. I especially like to have a little “taste” of something sweet after dinner. Even though I wasn’t technically “hungry” any of the three days, I felt a little deprived at times. I realized how much I love salt. Correction: I realized that I have a co-dependent relationship with salt. I think leaving off the sodium chloride was the most difficult thing of the whole cleanse.

Probably the most surprising thing was about caffeine. I normally drink quite a bit during the day and I thought going cold turkey would be really miserable. I figured I’d have headaches or really have a slump in the afternoon or evening. Neither of those things happened. In fact, I normally get really tired and “need” a snack and some caffeine by around 4. I guess this menu really does give you energy?

Anyway, we survived. To celebrate, Gwen and I will no doubt be having a few treats with our kids on this snow day. And I know mine will have chocolate chips inside. Then I’m sure all that sweet will make me crave something salty…