Check these out next time you’re cruising online

Of course, we love it when you visit nwaMotherlode when you have a few minutes to cruise around online, but it’s always fun to share a new blog with our fellow mamas.

parenteerHere are a few we’ve found recently:

The Parenteer is a “newspaper” for parents and it’s FUNNY. None of the stories are real (it’s a bit like The Onion), but they will make you lol. A few of the headlines we saw earlier this week:

We noticed in Cosmo that is a new site where you can bookmark something you want and tell Hukkster how much you’d be willing to pay for the item. The site notifies you when the price drops. Instead if “like” or “pin” you click “hukk” on the things you’re interested in possibly purchasing down the road — if the price is right.

Click here to read a story about the women behind Hukkster.

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